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Introductory Note from Steve Jones

Peter Jones wrote “The Gallo Song” in 1976, is my guess. Joe Hill said, “You can make a speech-people forget it the next day. You put the information in a leaflet-people hold onto it for a week and throw it away. But if you write a song and put that information in a song, people hear it, remember it, sing it-it lives on.”

Peter had a desire to inform people about the Gallo boycott. The Gallo Company did not want a huge boycott of their products and were careful on many of their products not to mention the name Gallo. UFW organizers were often chagrined to find Gallo being served at a UFW wine and cheese benefit, unbeknownst to the well-meaning supporters. So Peter wrote this humorous song to educate people about how to recognize a Gallo product.

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