Interactive Map

"Love the variety of beach, desert, etc., good weather all year 'round, ease of getting around on San Diego freeways, friendliness of the people, small town feel for a big city." - UC San Diego Library Employee

The map below is interactive.  Click on the region and it will take you to a separate page that will provide you with more information about that region, its cities and communities.  For a complete list of areas, see San Diego Regions, Cities, Communities at a Glance.

The map focuses on the county's most populated areas.  These are the geographic areas that we feel are most important to our intended audience.  Although there are no exact and official region divisions for the county on record, the region names and approximate divisions are widely accepted by county residents.  You will find slight variations to these divisions on other websites.  Each different color area with its corresponding name reflects the best boundary designations for each region based upon our research.  The finer dividing lines within each region reflect the county's cities and communities as defined by government records for the city of San Diego.


overall-san-diego north-county-coastal east-county centeral-county-coastal central-county-coastal-2 south-bay central-county north-county-inland