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What's something you think someone new to San Diego County needs to know?

Excerpts from the Survey:

  • You don't really need winter clothes. Different beaches have very different atmospheres, family friendly include Torrey Pines and La Jolla Shores. 
  • Commute times vary heavily depending on rush hour traffic 
  • well it is expensive as far as housing. but there are places that you can get good deals 
  • We have seasons: there are always different flowering trees in bloom (jacaranda, parrot beak coral, gold medalion, Hong Kong orchid, etc) 
  • Each community is slightly different, so look very carefully about lifestyle and not just commute time. 
  • Due to the moderate weather and therefore less of a need for cooling/heating energy, you are likely to spend less on utilities than in many parts of the country. 
  • San Diego is a desert. All the water used to make things green is imported. Be water conscious. 
  • there is a great diversity of communities; investigate them and find one that best suits you before settling in 
  • Politically, SD is a conservative city 
  • Using public transportation is challenging. It takes determination and the willingness to compromise. But it's totally worth it. 
  • Smoking is less common (and less welcome) here than it is in some other parts of the country. 
  • The city of San Diego is built on hills some of which are very steep. 
  • We are a car oriented community. The city is really spread out, and though the trolley system is good, it would be difficult to live without a car. Traffic is really only bad during rush hour though. 
  • Lock your car! 
  • If you enjoy outdoor activities, you are in paradise. 
  • List your priorities before looking for a community to live in. E.g. Nightlife, schools, noise, commuting, etc. 
  • If you have kids (or want to have kids) do your research about the public schools, before you buy a home! There are some great schools but also some very bad ones. 
  • It can be quite expensive to live here. 
  • People drive crazy when it rains. 
  • Do not go to Tijuana right now, it is very dangerous. 
  • Although the coast remains a comfortable temperature, a little ways inland it will be hot. 
  • San Diego County has a very wide variety of geographies, climates, and cultures in a relatively small area.  
  • Enjoy the natural and free things SD offers (beaches, parks, hiking, perfect weather).