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What's your overall impression of living in San Diego County (include likes/dislikes etc)?

Excerpts from survey:

  • It borders on paradise.
  • Like the weather. Dislike the traffic.
  • It's expensive but the weather and locale make it worth it!
  • Lots of opportunity for outdoor activities.
  • I love being in San Diego. No better place in the USA to live.


  • SD has a fairly good system of bike lanes, unlike other big cities. Air is cleaner than most big cities. Dislikes: The weather is boring.
  • The quality of arts and culture activities are excellent; the beach continues to be amazingly beautiful; the air quality is excellent compared to other SoCal areas.
  • But lots of activities and opportunities for those who want to seek them out. Public transportation varies; buses schedules vary and change and can make it difficult to get to and from jobs that have non-traditional hours.
  • Love the laid-back attitude and the active lifestyles. Good music scene.
  • I love it. People are friendly and there is an overall laid back vibe. Close to beaches and mountains and has all the culture of a big city.
  • I love living in San Diego County - I'm from North County and love the "suburban" feel. Yes, we pay to live here, but San Diego is the BEST City in the United States!
  • In general, however, it's nice--albeit a bit conservative.
  • The gorgeous weather makes up for everything.
  • Great place to live, can be expensive but worth it.
  • The bad (the three C's): Commute (long), congestion, cost of living (although more reasonable now than a year ago)
  • Love the great weather, diverse neighbors, and access to places...hate the high cost of housing.
  • I dislike the political conservatism.
  • It's fairly conservative, horrible public transport, everything is spread out so reliable transportation is a must.