Finding Community: The UC San Diego Library Employee Guide to San Diego


Are you contemplating a move to San Diego County but don't know if it is the right move for you? Or, have you already decided to make the move to San Diego, but do not know when/where/how to start your housing search? Do you need help deciding which neighborhood would be best for you to live in, taking into account your personal preferences?

This site is intended to provide readers with an insider's view of San Diego County. A handful of our staff has scoured the internet to find and bring together the most useful sources of information about San Diego. Through participation in a voluntary survey, almost 200 of our staff members have graciously shared firsthand information about their experiences with many of the San Diego communities in which they live and play. Employees provided input on the following criteria for many of San Diego's communities:

  • Noise levels (including planes, freeways, clubs, neighbors, etc.)
  • Pet Friendly (proximity beach, park, or other pet friendly areas)
  • Family Friendly (has playgrounds, walkable, other families in the area)
  • Availability of free parking
  • Traffic (ease of getting around)
  • Restaurants (has good selection of restaurants)
  • Entertainment/culture (e.g. movie houses, museums, libraries, theatres)
  • Accessibility to coffee houses/cakes
  • Bike Friendly (e.g. bike racks, bike lanes, good roads, nice drivers)
  • Accessibility to a beach
  • Quality of K-12 schools
  • Accessibility to public transportation
  • Nightlife
  • Access to Grocery/Pharmacy/Farmers Markets
  • Shopping (malls, shopping centers, neighborhood stores)
  • Friendly Neighbors
  • Diversity of Community Residents

This information has been compiled and is folded into this website. We hope that we are able to provide a useful overview of San Diego and provide some insight about the communities in the area, as well as to answer common questions about moving to San Diego.