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[D]isparate antiwar groups decided to do a joint sit in of Urey Hall — a science building — one of the centers of the University's complicity with war, as many of the offices of those professors with DOD contracts were located there.

There was no plan to do damage to the building or to the offices, and none occurred. We just wanted to close down this center of the war — at least temporarily (Dr Anonymouse, 2009).

1968-UCSD mourns Dr. King assassination.PNG
The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King had a deep and profound effect upon members of the UCSD academic community.

Chancellor Galbraith held an official commemorative service on the grassy knoll behind the library* at noon. This was followed later in the day by a march into La Jolla and a demonstration at City Hall in San Diego, where a series of recommendations were presented.

Chancellor Galbraith told the students that King's dream is far from realization and that "the time is upon us when all blacks and whites must take action to translate his dream into reality" (University Mourns Death of Dr. King, 1968).

*Present-day Galbraith Hall

1965-US Intervention in DR.PNG
In one of UCSD's historic moments a collection of twenty-five freshmen, graduate students, and faculty members joined in a demonstration against U.S. military intervention in the Dominican Republic. UCSD's "Advocacy and Open Discussion Area" on the upper campus was first put into service an hour or so before noon, Thursday, May 6. Many of the demonstrators carried signs commenting on the situation in the Dominican Republic. Among the slogans used were "Join the marines and fight the world," "Does the end justify the Marines," and "Napalm those Dominican kids!" (UCSD's First Demonstration, 1965).

A handful had dreamed of attending the University of California, La Jolla, the name given this brave new campus by the Board of Regents in 1959. Eighteen months later, after listening to community debate, the Regents voted to scrap UCLJ for the more inclusive UCSD (Morgan, 2004).
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