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My own experience as an Asian student motivate me to create a story about the the campus cplimate


Critical response to a reading from CAT 1A, as well as personal commentary on being an Asian American minority.


The piece is inspired by Angela Kong's Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD as well as being down as an assignment for Professor Amanda Solomon's CAT 1 course.

This piece started off as a paper for my CAT class. However, as I was writing it, I realized how hard it was for me as an Asian American, to find my place in a sea of Asian here at UCSD. After searching though many clubs, I have found my home here at UCSD, the Southern Sea Lion Dance group.

This poem is about the day that there were racist and pro-trump comments written on campus with chalk.

After reading Angela Kong's fourth chapter "Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD", I wrote a reflection poem. This reflection poem is my view of current diversity policy at UCSD. Also, I talked about how people should live their lives with other people with different ethnicity.

It is a poem about my personal experience.

The artwork was a class assignment for CAT 1

A class assignment caused me to really think about the campus climate.

I was motivated to do this artwork because I wanted to be able to demonstrate what I see is happening on campus and be able to cultivate my ideas into a way that would bring up issues so that no one would get offended. The chalk writings on campus really inspired me for this piece because I can truly express what I feel about the political statements students are leaving on campus, but also leave a powerful message in the end so that people can know that things will get better.

Assignment due for the CAT 1A course

Sometimes I feel as though my life is running monotonously in clockwork. I wake up, eat, and sleep. I automatically go through the moves day in and out. But, there are certain things that always break this reverie: a call from my sister, a good book, and the rain.

I wanted to express how I view the world as someone who has experienced racism

This paper has two parts. The first part is a generally poem about minorities and how they are represented at Ucsd. The second is a reflection paper.

This is a brief story of an event that happened just a day before the chalking outside the Raza Center before the election.

We live in a world that glorifies progress, but are we actually taking steps forward with our efforts to promote equality? Are we addressing the root of the problem? Or are we approaching the racism in a way that keeps us going in circles?

I wanted to showcase the struggles I have faced with feeling free to speak out. My poems have few words because it represents how I have felt like I can only say so many words before I am judged.

This was an assignment for my CAT 1 course on Migration Narratives, but I was also interested in this project, because it is important that everyone gets to share their story and have their voice heard.

I wrote a poem describing the way UCSD has made me feel over my first quarter here.

I was motivated by my experience of the university campus and just some of the things I've noticed from social media and from walking around.

My analysis of myself and the Asian-American community following my recognition of the stereotypes and passiveness of the Asian Pacific Islander community after reading the works of Angela Kong studying the Compton Cookout.

Inspired by Professor Amanda Solomon's CAT1 Class prompt: "reflect first creatively then critically on your own experience of UCSD in light of Kong's analysis of the Compton Cookout and the racial politics of the university."

A two page essay that includes a poem that i wrote that reflects my experience on campus, and my response to question asked in my CAT class regarding Angela Kong's dissertation.

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Reading Response for CAT

A poem on my experiences here at UCSD.

This Haiku Poem describes the students of UCSD as well as me. I wrote it with the intention of showing the diversity of the campuses and that we should not just stick with our culture but to learn about other cultures as well. I do not have great knowledge of other cultures so I am learning now. I love the different cultures that UCSD brings together and learning from them.

I love writing poems, I felt the need to write a poem to better explain my experience and view of UCSD's climate.

This was an assignment give by Professor Solomon as part of her CAT 1 class

After understanding the deeply intricate situation that minority students face at the UC campus, I decided to create a brief poem and record myself reading said poem that captures the complication between the stereotypical "Model Minority" of academia and the "Yellow Peril" of American socio-economics.

The overall notion that the Asian American minority and their inclusion at the UCSD campus as both a separate entity treated as both greater than their fellow peers and lesser for their supposedly hyper-visibility is one that creates confusion among those that fail to realize the duality, and it is through my poem that I hope to shed some light on such issue, the way I see it at UCSD.

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To raise awareness and opinons about Asian American equality in policymaking at UCSD

I was motivated to do this poem because it was outside of my norm and I generally don't do poems. The essay only serve to back up the poem.

To dispel common misrepresentations about asians and to show how Asians are underrepresentated.

This response describes my personal feelings towards the acts that happened less than a decade ago on campus because Asian Americans were excluded from services because people feared their success. However, the idea that Asians are successful and don't need services is inapplicable to everyone because not everyone follows the same path or comes from the same background. Thus, this response pushes for the creation of a center that specifically caters to the needs of Asian Americans.

A story of my experience with campus climate at UC San Diego and my thoughts on controversial racist events that occurred in the past.

For my CAT 1A class taught by Professor Solomon

Long walks. Reading Response

I wanted to express in words how I felt about the climate of UC San Diego through my experience as a first year finishing my fall quarter.

Short story revealing personal experiences upon coming to UCSD, followed by thoughts regarding the variety in culture within the school.

This is a free verse poem created as part of a Reading Response for my CAT 1 class. It is inspired by my recollection of the environment surrounding the student protesters in front of Geisel Library on November 21, 2016.

Reading Response assigned by Migration Narrative professor.

As part of a reading response for CAT1A: Migration Narratives.

UCSD is a place where all people from all around the world can talk with others equally and receive opportunities equally. I love UCSD.

The poems were inspired by Angela Kong's dissertation on “Re-Examining Diversity Policy at University of California, San Diego: The Racial Politics of Asian Americans.” They were written as to creatively reflect on the dissertation's analysis.

My motivation would have to be because of all of the repressed feelings I've had because this university fails to support my most vulnerable identities.

I was given a prompt to describe the climate at UCSD. This is what came to me, with the recent election and various academic texts on racism fresh on my mind.

The danger of a politically passive campus climate of Asian American students.

This submission is a poem that reacts to the concerns and dissatisfaction regarding the UCSD administration's lack of effective means to ensure racial equity because of
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