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This mural commemorates the rich history of Thurgood Marshall College and honors those at UC San Diego and worldwide who have striven mightily for social justice. The mural was forged in fire, created during a time of campus crisis that galvanized collective action and institutional change.
In February 2010, the UC San Diego campus was jolted by a series of racist events, beginning with the now-infamous Compton Cookout. Student response was immediate.
That spring, the Visual Arts Department provided each of the Colleges and other departments with a large canvas and requested that each represent itself however it saw fit.
Demetra Matin, an intern for the Dean of Students at Thurgood Marshall College, had been looking for just this kind of project. No stranger to student activism, Demetra had been a first-year student in 2006 when the Dimensions of Culture protest brought out so many students and faculty to critically examine the purpose and presentation of education. Their work…
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