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You'll feel scared. lost. confused. it'll all feel unreal. You'll see (theories) of your readings manifest themselves in your real life. the political era has flooded our media & we are the generation of ultimate media consumption! be aware that your efforts will be aimed at being concealed. it is too prevalent not too care anymore. humanity (underlined) depends on it. FDT!!!

I want ppl to know that I am saddened by the fact that there is so much hate, violence, and confusion right now in our political system (underlined).

As an international student I feel freedom and equity in UCSD. I feel no discrimination which is quite the same as my stereotype of the United States.

UCSD is historically a predominantly white institution. But now, when you think Asian, you think chinese, japanese, korean. Yet there are dozens & dozens of ethnicities in Asia. The term Asian American fails to recognize those that aren't widely represented. I'm not Asian American, I'm Filipino.

It's no longer safe for us minorities. We are all truly in this together...

I know many people, bright people from my country that dream of being able to finish college in US, but there is just no way for them to afford it. No scholerships [sic] neither from our country nor from US and tuition for a year at UCSD often surpasses their parent's earnings by 8 times.

Be able to identify b.s. news and find non-biased sources, hear out people w/different opinions b/c they have different experiences and perspectives than you.

Still a lot of Racism

Being somewhat conservative on a liberal campus can be alienating. Remember both sides need to be heard in a discussion. Don't be close-minded and find the facts.

It's important to realize that no matter how many people seem to be idiotic in nature, there's always someone who's worse.

It's hard to live knowing that my parents or myself could be seen as lower-class or not worthy just because we're Asian. My parents are immigrants and many people look down on them for not knowing the language.

This is an era of drastic change that I don't agree with. However, life will go on and we will heal.

For international students we're feeling uncertain about our F-1 visa status because of the Donald

The political era at the moment makes me feel apprehensive. However, being on campus has given me a glimpse at the good & unwelcoming people. It makes me feel warmth when I know there are people that will speak out and act on the actions from students being unwelcoming.

I recognize racism & discrimination but I also recognize unity & love, & how much more powerful that is.

The latinx + Chicanx community has continually been silenced, our history in America continuously erased. Where were my people in the segragation [sic] era? The civil rights movements. We have been here since before the Spanish empire conquered us, and even in 2017, I feel my presence in UCSD muffled. - your local Chicana

I'm in this weird state of wanting to fight for equality or really help promote change on campus, but I feel like it would be to help those who are not as secue. I think I have thick skin so many things do not affect me as much. For example, I'm Latino but the Trump chalkings represented maybe a couple peoples' opinion but I know the opposition is greater. Also, my main focus of being here is to get an education in sciences. I'd hate to say I'm apathetic but that seems to be the reality.

I feel like political tensions between different groups are very high. Before attending college, politics was never really on my mind, but I've realized that ignoring what President Trump is doing is the same things as accepting that racism is okay. I participated in the Trump protest and my greatest hope is that everyone can feel safe on campus because that is a right, not a priveledge [sic].

Dear Future Student,
Be mindful of your humble beginnings, but be cautious of politics/social tensions within the UCSD climate. Your voices are important and your opinions are worthy of being voiced. Remember that a voice is powerful, but VOICES ARE REVOLUTIONARY!

The current political era is making me care more about politics and how it is affecting our daily lives. This political era spread more hate than love, more exclusion than inclusion, more reversed than forward.

What ever political stands people support or agains, I like how students are engaging themselves in these political events.

A lot of things that are being said and done with our current political era I believe are causing people to be hyper sensitive and not understand that somethings [sic] aren't posible [sic].

It is awful!!! Why invite Dalai Lama (CA) Chinese political enemy to graduation speech when there is thousands of Chinese international student study here at UCSD??? What is the thoughts of leader of UCSD making this stupid decision? Is it purposeful?
Secondly. Trump said what he said. What's wrong with quoting him on the pavement?

As a transfer student from UC Santa Barbara, it is sad & pathetic to be at UCSD where the students are so divided. The 6/7/8 college system seperates [sic] people, the departments seperate [sic] people, & the commuting lifestyle seperate [sic] people. Little unity = Little progress

I think in the current time period we're in, the adversities and difficulties of minorities are becoming increasingly known and people are made aware of them. However, I think it's important to recognize adversity and prejudice for all racial groups. As a white female on the UCSD campus I have had judgements and remarks made at me just because I am white and I have felt singled out and uncomfortable

Helpless. But hopeful. I feel like I can't change the current political climate. This isn't where I want our society to be. But I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that some of use are human enough to care enough to look out for others, to do something about the environment, and continue to fight for our rights.

Although the events of the current political era have not yet directly affected me, it is horrifying and sobering to hear about what is going on in a society that is supposed to be moving forward. I feel like as a society, we are taking several steps back. It's important to know what is going on and I feel like classes such as this one and presentations like this are critical to our understanding.

Sometimes it could be tough to understand others because of racial differences, but you always need to have a [sic] open mind!
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