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The individuals dong [sic] the chalking are just a small # of radicals at this university. Not that there [sic] views don't matter (in the) school, but they are a group of 10-20 at a school of 25,000. They want to evoke emotion. Don't (underline) give them the power & thrill to (thrive). (drawings of three hearts)

There is a lot of negativity & hate, but there are many people who fight against it.

Despite the negativity, there are people who care and want to speak out against the negativity. I believe there is humanity in the world.

In this current political era, I see and feel more hatred than every before. Although I have not been personally attacked, I have seen many peers attacked for their political views as well as race. Racism at UCSD is alive and must be addressed by the university.

We let it happen just like people before us let Hitler happen. People in the future will lament. Still, nothing changes

I would want future students to understand that their activism is important. Generally conversations about these topics have lead [sic] to more understanding, support, and kindness for (me) & each opinion matters. With our current political climate, there's a lot of outrage, disbelief, and confusion abotu how to handle it: as long as you do or say something, it has an impact

Politics isn't the answer to racism. Jesus is!!!

By far the loneliest, most depressing years of my life. Can't wait to graduate. -2 year Transfer student

I'm constantly being categorized by my race and it's horrible to know because I'm seen as part of the whole rather than an individual

Scared about the popularity of Trump and his racist rhetoric...and what that means for my future

It's very polarizing. The political climate exposes how people think. Also exposes how dire the situation is when it comes to race relations in America.

I am more aware of the hate in this political era. Hating seems so tiring. I wish we could just love

ignorant, non-empathetic partisanship on both sides

In this current political era, Trump and other politicians have targeted marginilized [sic] groups that me and my friends are a part of. I talk about these issues with my friends and provide and recieve [sic] support.

We're in a climate where discussion is reduced to personal attacks & sometimes violence. This deters groups with real issues from speaking up, & stagnates progress. Future students should be more open to discourse & criticisms of the status quo

I have no feelings about Trump. Since he is a politician - even though he becomes the president and against Mexicans, he doesn't have that much power.

News or things you see are not the representation, but at the same time these are facts.

This campus is a mix of active and apathetic. Many are involved, their protests & responses are documented & history will remember them, but there are many who did not act & they will hold no accountability for their actions - except before God himself

I feel like there is a lot of fake activism. People are generally apathetic and don't actually think critically about actual change. Also, I don't feel secure on campus because of the racist activities that have happened. - Chicano

I've heard a lot from staff about how the literature department is doing what they can to hurt the spanish department (&) get rid of it. Once in my spanish class, a lady from the department walked in to my class. She interrupted, did a head count, and stated we couldn't have more chairs....
More examples........

Being an Iranian American (1st gen.) I'm scared about Trump's growing popularity and what that means for myself, my family, and my community.

It is incredibly disheartening to witness the election of such a misogynistic, racist, & intolerant leader. I can only hope this does not reflect the beliefs & values of our country. I beleive [sic] this period of disgrace can be overcome by love & acceptance

As a person of color, this political era has been challenging. To be specific, I am Hispanic. For someone to say hurtful stereotypes about my culture hurts; however I think this is important because it shows us, as a society, that we are not post-racial country; we actually have a lot of work to do as a society

I believe Jesus is crying with those who are in anguish, listening to those who are not heard, longing for healing and wholeness in deepest parts of our hearts, and fighting in the frontline for justice, peace, and mercy.

I don't feel much discrimination, but politics will always have an (inn) on some kind of discrimination/inequality for monetary benefits. There will always be one way in which, legally, discrimination will be allowed through loopholes, as a school, we must never give up our stand on freedom & equality, & fight for what is right through protests, chalk writings & anything else.

The political climate right now is happening around me rather than to me - I'm failry removed from campus polotics, only hearing about big, newsworthy stories


It is okay to have different opinions, but you have to be willing to listen and accept the different opinions and stories of others.

Currently I am experiencing a huge divide between political parties. Not about right or wrong but about winning or losing

coming to UCSD from a mainly Latinx community has been difficult. It opened my eyes to realize how non-inclusive others are.

Reading the news every day is a new, unbelievable adventure. This political era is borderline unbelievable.
*We all got in to this school and we all belong here and everyone deserves to feel like they are welcomed & we as a whole need to work on that

I constantly see both sides. The side that constandly brings current issues up and the side that constantly disregards these issues. It pains me knowing that many disregard such an important topic

I want students to know that the political climate is not unexpected (underlined) or unexplainable (underlined) but is a product of prevalent mentalities in this country

I think we all want to say that "it's fine" and "it's going to be okay" but it's not

This political era doesn't really affect me as much as others. It just seems that today's politics is a shit fest of flame wars, trolls, and seeing who triggers who the hardest.

If everyone was just a good person to everyone they meet, this wouldn't be an issue

Right now, I am terrified of the current political climate because of the growth of racism heralded by Trump's Electoral College victory and because of the draconic reforms Pence might put in place if Trump's impeached. Defiance through marches & art & all kinds of protest is necessary at this point to help defend my rights. I will not back down, I will not shut up, and I will certainly never give in.

There will be those who make you feel bad and those who make you feel good. Those who make you feel good are the ones worth fighting with and fighting for.

I told my friends 4 years isn't a long time, we'll survive, he'll probably get impeached but goddamn. Trump is just...he pisses me off. And the rest of the world? It's like waiting for the next bad thing and you know it's probably going to come tomorrow. All we can do is wait

This is an era where Asian Americans are still see [sic] as foreign. "Where are you really from?" No "where are YOU really from"

Performances of hate & discrimination rally the campus together in solidarity to change the thinking that led to the manifestation of such hateful acts.

I personally have not yet been detrimentally affected by the actions of the current administration, but it saddens me to witness the discrimination and oppression other student groups face.

Be yourself never change (underlined) for others !!!!
Inclusion and love made this country stron, they continued to do so.

Sometimes it could be tough to understand others because of racial differences, but you always need to have a [sic] open mind!

Although the events of the current political era have not yet directly affected me, it is horrifying and sobering to hear about what is going on in a society that is supposed to be moving forward. I feel like as a society, we are taking several steps back. It's important to know what is going on and I feel like classes such as this one and presentations like this are critical to our understanding.

Helpless. But hopeful. I feel like I can't change the current political climate. This isn't where I want our society to be. But I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that some of use are human enough to care enough to look out for others, to do something about the environment, and continue to fight for our rights.

I think in the current time period we're in, the adversities and difficulties of minorities are becoming increasingly known and people are made aware of them. However, I think it's important to recognize adversity and prejudice for all racial groups. As a white female on the UCSD campus I have had judgements and remarks made at me just because I am white and I have felt singled out and uncomfortable

As a transfer student from UC Santa Barbara, it is sad & pathetic to be at UCSD where the students are so divided. The 6/7/8 college system seperates [sic] people, the departments seperate [sic] people, & the commuting lifestyle seperate [sic] people. Little unity = Little progress

It is awful!!! Why invite Dalai Lama (CA) Chinese political enemy to graduation speech when there is thousands of Chinese international student study here at UCSD??? What is the thoughts of leader of UCSD making this stupid decision? Is it purposeful?
Secondly. Trump said what he said. What's wrong with quoting him on the pavement?
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