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This submission contains two pictures that analogously and figuratively describe my experiences of being on campus, representing both the light and dark events I have seen and participate in. In addition to the pictures, I further explain my experience of being on campus in a short paper while relating it to a reading from our CAT class about past on campus discriminatory incidents.

“Other” is a call to attention for individuals who identify as mixed and choose not to confine themselves to one of their ethnicities. Mixed people often lack a true sense of belonging when confronted with ethnic organizations in college. I want to raise awareness for the struggles that mixed people encounter and the pressures put on us to pick only one of our heritages to represent ourselves. We are not always accepted in either end of our own personal ethnic spectra; we must create our own identities without having to settle for “Other” as if life is a single-answer questionnaire.

The motivation of this piece is to bring awareness to the racism that still exists on UCSD's campus.

Reading Response #5 assignment for CAT 1A with Professor Amanda Soloman.

This is a brief poem about my view of the UCSD campus climate, followed by a short reflection of the campus climate.

The hands represent the community of UCSD and the impressions I have of UCSD...
There are hands reaching out in a friendly, welcoming way; there are closed fists; there are hands pointing at me, to exert pressure or to accuse.
The hands are full of color, showing the diversity of the people I have encountered. Their colors blend together.

Assigned by my CAT class to show how we perceive the UCSD climate; I chose to create a collage of a selection of my own instagram posts, starting from when I first arrived on campus through late November.

The photograph is of Library Walk from Geisel Library with students walking to and from the library. To me, this shows how diverse our campus is and despite our racial and ethnic differences, as well as our opinions on these topics, we can still communicate with each other effectively, proving that UCSD is an inclusive campus.

This comic book is a letter to all the people that have had trouble moving their cars or felt awkward walking through a space that was filled with dancers during a dance rehearsal. It is also a visual note of the state that this community of students is in right now, unbeknownst to the larger student body and the university in general. A simple hello. We are here. We're struggling a little. We mean no harm. (Due to FileSize Limitations, a screenshot of the work was sent rather than a high quality pdf)

This work depicts the protests which erupted the night of the election shortly after it became evident that Donald Trump would be our next president.

The readings on discrimination I have read in my Culture Art and Technology course.

This artwork is inspired by Angela Kong's Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD, which addresses the segregation of the Asian American student population here on campus. An adaptation of UCSD's pie chart documenting the 2015 undergraduate class based on ethnicity, my submission replaces the label for "Asians" to reflect the common conception of the overwhelming population, as perceived by Angela Kong and me.

Politics are a touchy subject, and this was probably the most controversial election in a long time. While I think UCSD students are fairly civil to each other, it's amazing what might be lurking in their minds.

A circle of many different colors to represent the campus climate at UCSD. The strokes are arranged in a pattern reminiscent of a flower.

These past few months I have been living in a campus that is blooming with life and excitement. I am surrounded by so many different students of a multitude of cultures and nationalities. UCSD has given me the opportunity to interact with numerous people of diverse backgrounds and I am really grateful to be able to live in a welcoming environment. That is why I decided to depict this feeling with an array of different flowers.

The multiple colors of the building and people are supposed to represent how everyone here is different in terms of identity, beliefs, etc. but UCSD does not belong to any single belief or identity, it is a mix of the identities and beliefs of everyone in it. I tried to draw Geisel Library for the building.

Reading from Angela Kong's "Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD"

Night, day and nature, they all represent not only this campus but they shop what is important for me to find here everyday.
the two flags on opposite sides represent what I feel being half american and half European.
the word "Peace" has an important meaning especially in this political period and has shown up a lot on campus recently.

I wrote and drew about how how felt since I came into college.

A paper for my CAT class.

It seems that people only hang out with others who are the same race and there isn't any intermixing or support amongst different races. The different races only care for their own race, which leads to disunity throughout the campus. I think all the cultural resources on campus are a result of people fighting for them, not because the administration wanted them. The University takes pride in them, but only because it makes them seem superior to other campuses. Overall, I think it is all just a show put on to make more money and boost the school's reputation.

356135165101610357 .pdf
In light of the 2016 presidential election, there has been many chalk graffiti messages of acceptance and encouragement all across the UCSD school campus. This election season has brought to light, many subtle divisions that have been growing within our campus. However, I also wanted to capture the way UCSD students learn to love and accept one another in such a time as this when the rest of the country is threatening to split apart.

The picture on the front page is a picture of my home group with whom I feel have gotten very close with. That picture from the day one of the senior brothers had his baptism and this picture was taken to celebrate and remember. This picture also helps me realize that there are a lot of things to be happy about, and teaches me to be welcoming of all people from different religions and ethnicities.

This picture represents how to understand a problem we must analyze the small details that exist and understand why a problem exists eventually leading over to a solution.

The image I took was the library walk at UCSD. The reason I took this image to represent the campus climate is because the library walk is always full with people and it is interesting just by looking at the people pass by. San Diego is a diverse city, the image illustrated that no matter what culture background you have, you end up with the same destination with all other people, Geisel library.

This photograph expresses my experience of the campus climate.

I read the article, Kong, Angela. "Ch 4. Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD. 2014", and thought that making this college will be a great connection with the article.

It showed my experiences in UCSD.

CAT 1 course taught by Dr. Solomon.

The drawing tries to portray how the people of UCSD possess a multitude of qualities and differences that one generally can not see on the surface. Having only been at UCSD for 9 weeks, I have come to realize that a lot of people here, including me, don't really take the time to get to know people on a deeper level. This has led us to make assumptions about others that may not necessarily be true, which may have led to even further misunderstandings. And such an idea is what I wanted to portray with my drawing.

This photograph/collage depicts the diversity challenges one must overcome coming to UCSD. The campus itself promises that one will feel at home and find their rightful place on campus but does it actually accomplish what it promises? Is everyone truly taken into consideration on campus. Where is the Asian American resource center?It's true that coming here, I was glad to see the Raza Resource Centro but there are other minority groups who who need aid too. The puzzle pieces in the photograph represent how I feel like minority groups can fit in close together but they don't actually come together right away and so easily either. I think it takes time for each ethnic minority group to actually open up to other ethnic groups on campus.

Completing a reading response paper for my CAT class, I realized that UC San Diego has had a different feeling on me rather than what other Asian Americans or minority races have felt.

After reading Kong's dissertation, I wrote this paper and shared my views to add to her paper. There is also a reflection about her essay. As an international student, I want to share my point of view. By the way, it is part of my homework for my writing class.

This was an assignment for our CAT 1 class in which we read a text b Angela Kong and had to analyze UCSD's campus climate.

This was a writing response to a reading for a class.

My motivation was to show how diverse and accepting I have found UCSD culture to be in my time here.

To discuss the role of Asian American in these series of racist events.


I created this artwork because everyone prejudges their peers before getting to know them. It is unavoidable. But by getting to know one another, we can expand our perspective. We become less ignorant about things we do not understand. This is key for the world's future.

This is an assignment I am doing for my CAT 1 class and it is about my view of UCSD. The task is to create a visual representation of what I think the campus climate is like.

Reaction to Kong, Angela. “Ch 4.” Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD. 2014.

Class Assignment

for those, like API's who aren't recognized as a minority and still looking to belong in an environment where stereotyping and racism is strongly present

Digital comic, 6 pages

I want to capture a kind of beauty that is sluggishly wild and when I found the painting, I just can't take my eyes off it.

My primary motivation was UCSD encounters with racism.

The artwork reflects recent events as they affect the campus (the election, chalkings). Multiple students of different colors and individual struggles stand on library walk reaching out to each other in solidarity. A closed door to the library reflects institutional barriers that may hinder students' education.

This is a collage of photos taken at my residence hall and in the Sixth college res hall quad. The collage is centered around a chalking someone in my building did during "Chalk the Block" that says "708 means family". There are various other photographs of the images from our building bulletin board which focuses on inclusive language.

Living off-campus, my experience with the university has changed outside of attending classes. As I spend most of my leisure time outside of the school boundaries, napping has become my primary activity on-campus. As such, I created a diary - of sorts - of the places I nap most frequently accompanied by a personal rating of the location.

The artwork describes a coming together of different communities and people
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