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The picture is supposed to represent my interpretation of campus climate (as well as the climate of most of the country at the moment).

A response to Angela Kong's Re-examination of Diversity Policy at UCSD about how stereotypes shape the experiences of minority groups.

The picture was taken on my way to class one day. It was a quiet day on campus and i feel like it captured my view of the school. It is a bright but gloomy picture with people going about their day.

I drew this as part of the reading response for Angela Kong's article, Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD. King Triton in my drawing symbolizes UCSD and the three spikes on his trident hold different minority groups at UCSD. As an Asian myself, I really relate to the model minority myth so I put an Asian boy on top of the highest spike showing how many people put Asians in such position and expecting them to do certain things and how the Asian group is kind of isolated from other minority groups.

One time my friend asked me for help on a math problem, and I didn't know the solution, to which he responded with: "You're Asian, yet you can't do this?" That was the motivation behind my essay.

As an assignment from my CAT class

Walking around UCSD, I had always felt very welcomed and included. I had also felt this inclusion spread to all students, regardless of race. This collage represents how welcoming I perceive UCSD to be.

The experience I painted is the experience that I have many times

During an anti-Trump protest at UCSD, some Asian Americans participated in the protest whereas other Asian Americans stood off to the side as bystanders. They were hesitant of whether or not to join because they were either uninformed of Trump's political views or felt that the issue did not affect them directly.

This collage of photos is filled with my friends here at UCSD. I happen to be Asian and they happen to be too, but what you don't see from appearance is that we are ethnically diverse within: Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean. We are all "American," but that can be narrowed down as well: NorCal, SoCal, immigrant, undocumented, citizen. In the end, we are all tritons. This college originally was paired with an assignment for CAT 1, but these priceless photos to me aren't about the how the minorities on campus have become the majority and are diverse. These friendships have established me a home here at UCSD and transition me into an independent life.

Being at UCSD made me constantly homesick. There was no better place to describe as home than the apartment I live in.

Required for my Writing Class; also inspired by the events on campus and what the current climate is.

Many students just live their own lives and never stop to think about the issues that riddle this campus.

Done for Prof. Solomon's CAT 1 class.

Asian students in America are taught that all Asians, no matter their circumstances are, expected to be smart. For those who meet rise to the top of their grade, this belief is a source of pride. For those who are mediocre, this belief is a burden that criticized them. For all of us, the belief in the model minority creates a constant fear of slipping grades, letting grades rule our lives.

Written response for Professor Solomon's CAT 1 class.

Vast ocean waves can be interpreted as cultural struggles and barriers that eventually lead into the beautiful sunset, success.

This is my reading response for my CAT 1 class.

After reading the Compton Cookout incident, and the effort Asian american student organization put afterwards to strike out for their rights, I want to reflect some of my reflections and opinions about the campus environment.

In UCSD, Asian American seem to be excluded from various international events, such as international Friday cafe. I believe, on some level, they are lacking the courage to join the table because they are not comfortable and confident with their own identity. In this drawing, I am pointing out the phenomenon in order for more asian students to be more active in the international community.

describe the climate in UCSD using my personal experience


Inspired by a paper and my own experience.

This sketch is a submission for Professor Solomon's CAT1 class on migration and borders. It is a simple depiction of the troubles and conflicts behind an Asian American showing that they are no different than students of any other ethnicity.

Freshman Orientation was the first day i had officially spent at UCSD, so of course everything was influential to me of how I would view the school. First impressions, I had an immediate culture shock to see the minority groups to be the majority of the population at school. I would always remember the conversation I had with Bob because he had taken stereotypes out of a context I was used to before. Being in an new environment and using those generalizations resonated with me and how I would view myself to be.

I wanted to simply and accurately express my feelings about how I perceived UCSD as a place and a space for all people.

The course Cuture, Art and Technology 1 significantly changed my perspectives about the immigration. As the last reading response, my paper mainly focuses on my personal experiences in UCSD and how they relate to the Kong's analysis.

This is a reflection of my experience of the UCSD campus climate.

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I took a class on "migration narratives" and realized in the end that I don't really quite relate with any of those narratives on a personal level. Fun times.

The inclusion of minorities in UCSD.

The following document is a reading response assigned by Professor Amanda Solomon for the CAT1 course. It primarily focuses to reflect on the diversity policies of the university and the analysis made by Angela Kong in Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD.

The American culture of escapism as the habitual failure to solve one's own psychological problems and a excuse to forget/postpone the fight to solve societal problems.

Class assignment.

This poem describes how I have felt over the past quarter at UCSD. It shows how I was excited, hesitant, and then content.

A short piece describing the contradictory aspects of common attitudes of social liberalism at UCSD. Partially inspired by Angela Kong's "Re-Examining Diversity Policies at UCSD." I was asked to reflect on this piece for a class as well; you can excerpt the reflection page and the header for the archive.

One page story based on recent pro-trump chalkings in UCSD and inspired by personal experiences of xenophobia and attitudes towards Asians. This is for a CAT class on migration narratives taught by Professor Solomon.

To show my views and opinions on what I have experienced at UCSD in regards to the campus climate.

To discuss Angela Kong's essay.

Originally part of a reading response for a CAT 1 course, this micro-story is based on my experiences of the UCSD campus climate.

A few pictures with writing on my experience in UCSD

It is for my CAT 1 class and our class is geared towards migration narrative. Now, we are looking at current dilemmas and trying to incorporate our experiences to add on to the conversation that is posed.

According to my experience in UCSD, the racism especially toward the Asian is not as a big problem as written in Kong's writing described.

This is a short response essay to Angela Kong's work on the racial politics of UCSD, and how it has affected my views of UCSD's social climate. This essay was submitted to my CAT 1 course as well.

Since my father is very pessimistic, I've inherited his negative point of view in writing my essay. Coming from an Asian family, I know all about the "minority success" and that there are still plenty of problems with racism hidden from the outside world but prominent internally. Writing this essay allowed me to express some of my thoughts on these two topics.

My motivation for this was the fact that my eyes were opened to the underlying fact that the Asian American group here at UCSD is seen as a non-minority group and because of this is sort of excluded from beneficial resources that can help aid them in their studies.

After certain events demonstrating anti-immigrant and anti-POC sentiment at UCSD, it can be easy for anyone to be distrustful of their fellow student. But I think the university is generally full of good people who don't aspire to bigotry, so I think students should start growing paranoid that others are going to hurt them. The school is a mostly safe place that is mostly united in combatting fear and bigotry. Students should remember that.

This work was influenced by my experiences during this first quarter of mine. What I saw throughout each week as new events kept occuring.

I thought a haiku would be an effective but subtle and thought provoking way to demonstrate a glaring problem that should be addressed.

Despite our differences, we are all human. As humans, we work together to support one another during times of trouble. Although we may have different ideals and goals, we all have blood coursing through our veins, making us more similar than we think we are.

This reading response is 5th assignment in Dr. Solomon's CAT 1. It is about my reflection after reading chapter 4 of Kong's Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD.
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