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My motivation was the recent election as well as personal experience and past UCSD events.

Reading Response for CAT class.

After getting assigned a reading in class we had to respond and explain our perspective on the campus climate at UCSD. My poem was motivated by the events that happened during the "Compton Cookout" and the recent chalkings on campus, as well as the administrations response to each event.

My artwork is a short yet powerful poem that paints my stance and view of the UCSD campus climate. The motivation of my artwork is two-fold: 1. an assignment my CAT class, 2. I felt compelled to share my perspective on the climate that I experienced coming as a freshman to this university.

This submission is a poem that reacts to the concerns and dissatisfaction regarding the UCSD administration's lack of effective means to ensure racial equity because of

The danger of a politically passive campus climate of Asian American students.

I was given a prompt to describe the climate at UCSD. This is what came to me, with the recent election and various academic texts on racism fresh on my mind.

My motivation would have to be because of all of the repressed feelings I've had because this university fails to support my most vulnerable identities.

The poems were inspired by Angela Kong's dissertation on “Re-Examining Diversity Policy at University of California, San Diego: The Racial Politics of Asian Americans.” They were written as to creatively reflect on the dissertation's analysis.

UCSD is a place where all people from all around the world can talk with others equally and receive opportunities equally. I love UCSD.

As part of a reading response for CAT1A: Migration Narratives.

Reading Response assigned by Migration Narrative professor.

This is a free verse poem created as part of a Reading Response for my CAT 1 class. It is inspired by my recollection of the environment surrounding the student protesters in front of Geisel Library on November 21, 2016.

Short story revealing personal experiences upon coming to UCSD, followed by thoughts regarding the variety in culture within the school.

I wanted to express in words how I felt about the climate of UC San Diego through my experience as a first year finishing my fall quarter.

Long walks. Reading Response

This piece was inspired by the messages of peace and love that were written across campus in response to the words of hate that were written down library walk and in front of the Raza resource center.

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College is a constant struggle to find out who you truly are and it's easy to get lose in a wave of strangers.

For my CAT 1A class taught by Professor Solomon

UCSD has the ocean view and the connection with Dr. Seuss, it's a shame the school did not take full advantage of those two to create something that could be very unique to the school. The idea is to have a permanent place for students to be together regardless of the field they study. Location would be at the mid-west of the campus for the view.

A story of my experience with campus climate at UC San Diego and my thoughts on controversial racist events that occurred in the past.

This response describes my personal feelings towards the acts that happened less than a decade ago on campus because Asian Americans were excluded from services because people feared their success. However, the idea that Asians are successful and don't need services is inapplicable to everyone because not everyone follows the same path or comes from the same background. Thus, this response pushes for the creation of a center that specifically caters to the needs of Asian Americans.

A sketch depicting all my thoughts and feelings about UCSD's most famous building. Complete with all the superstitions and experiences I've had in the Geisel palace.

I wanted to show how an Asian student could really felt when saw some of the encouraging cards from the TRITON MURAL at Revelle College

To dispel common misrepresentations about asians and to show how Asians are underrepresentated.

This mural commemorates the rich history of Thurgood Marshall College and honors those at UC San Diego and worldwide who have striven mightily for social justice. The mural was forged in fire, created during a time of campus crisis that galvanized collective action and institutional change.
In February 2010, the UC San Diego campus was jolted by a series of racist events, beginning with the now-infamous Compton Cookout. Student response was immediate.
That spring, the Visual Arts Department provided each of the Colleges and other departments with a large canvas and requested that each represent itself however it saw fit.
Demetra Matin, an intern for the Dean of Students at Thurgood Marshall College, had been looking for just this kind of project. No stranger to student activism, Demetra had been a first-year student in 2006 when the Dimensions of Culture protest brought out so many students and faculty to critically examine the purpose and presentation of education. Their work…

I was motivated to do this poem because it was outside of my norm and I generally don't do poems. The essay only serve to back up the poem.

To raise awareness and opinons about Asian American equality in policymaking at UCSD

So far, at my time here, I have come to notice that UCSD is diverse in a literal, statistical sense. However, UCSD's culture doesn't embrace the connotations of unity, acceptance, and love that further define what diverse truly means. Diversity is portrayed as unwelcome at this university and we need to re-consider what attribute to our definition of it.

This collage expresses my personal experience of UCSD'S campus climate.

Tucked Away is a series of three mixed media drawings (14X17 inches) of locations on the UCSD campus that are hidden gems. None of these locations are in plain sight; they have to be found. Many students feel that the school environment at UCSD can be very stressful. Luckily, there are many tucked away places that students can go to get a breath of fresh air and relax between classes or study sessions. In these drawings, man-made structures are present but the viewer still gets the sense that they are surrounded and sheltered by plants or trees.

After understanding the deeply intricate situation that minority students face at the UC campus, I decided to create a brief poem and record myself reading said poem that captures the complication between the stereotypical "Model Minority" of academia and the "Yellow Peril" of American socio-economics.

The overall notion that the Asian American minority and their inclusion at the UCSD campus as both a separate entity treated as both greater than their fellow peers and lesser for their supposedly hyper-visibility is one that creates confusion among those that fail to realize the duality, and it is through my poem that I hope to shed some light on such issue, the way I see it at UCSD.

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This was an assignment give by Professor Solomon as part of her CAT 1 class

I love writing poems, I felt the need to write a poem to better explain my experience and view of UCSD's climate.

This piece was drawn from the motivation to receive an A in my CAT 1 migration narrative course.

Represents my UCSD experiences through works and a digitally produced image

Studying in this big campus, I always feel tired to walk around the campus to find classrooms and certain place to meet my friends. There are buildings everywhere, people everywhere, assignments, lectures..etc lots of thing happening on this campus everyday but where can I find a good place for me to take a nap and relax? Therefore, I decided to draw a map of UCSD showing the places where I have found could provide me a little space to take a little break from my busy, intensive school life.

The reason behind my picture is that I wanted to show that even though race relation is a very hot topic today you still get people coming together that can put their difference aside to be able to connect with one another.

This entry reflects my changed view of the campus climate after completing my CAT course revolving around migration and cultural tension in the US.

The motivation for this piece was Angela Kong's assigned reading piece from CAT 1 with Professor Amanda Solomon in Migration Narratives. This is my personal experience as an Asian -American living on campus surrounded by individuals that are open and care free of aspects like ethnicity.

I was inspired to create a piece that represented my first experiences at UCSD. I am blown away by the creativity and imagination I find in everyone I meet. The opportunities this year have been life changing, and I can not wait to see what else UCSD has in store. My piece represents the beauty of intellect, and how, even when everyone is on a different level, we can all make one beautiful picture. Intellect is special as it is independent race,religion, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background. No matter where you come from you still have something to contribute.

This is for all the freshies and students who don't seem to fit in, all the minority students, and for myself. I can't promise you'll ever fit in (if that's what you're into), completely assimilate, or even love it here (UCSD). But, if you come across these words and partial doodles, I hope it gives you courage to continue, be proactive, call your family, or drop out, whatever makes a change in the person that lays their eyes on this work-- even if just for a quick glance.

This is a photo taken on Black's Beach during week 0 with me and my new group of friends. Up to this day, we are all still close friends, and I would like to thank UCSD for making this picture possible. Why? It's simple- their diversity policy. The encouragement and support for others, the environment with people of different color hanging out with each other, and the school's role in enforcing diversity has truly changed my perspective, since I have been living in a non-diverse environment for my whole life before I moved here.

This Haiku Poem describes the students of UCSD as well as me. I wrote it with the intention of showing the diversity of the campuses and that we should not just stick with our culture but to learn about other cultures as well. I do not have great knowledge of other cultures so I am learning now. I love the different cultures that UCSD brings together and learning from them.

A poem on my experiences here at UCSD.

The submitted work, Crafts Center Footprint, was created by combining articles and images about the UCSD Crafts Center and its demolition to form black and white line patterns. These were then shaped into the floor plan of the Crafts Center as documented in UCSD Facilities Drawings and renovation reports to reflect the visual footprint the building represented on campus. The shape of this footprint is repeated in collaged images of the floor plan printed on paper. India ink and a pink ink pen are then used to circle important lines in the texts that tell the story of the Crafts Center through the collected articles, which, in turn, define the color and lines within the image. The words, therefore, define the image. Pink ink is also used as an intervention on the black and white image of the destroyed Crafts Center to imagine new architectural forms a resurrected Crafts Center could take. If this image is to be displayed on the wall, it would benefit from being printed larger than the…

My experience with the political climate of UCSD has shown me that the campus is made up of many groups all eager to change but not willing enough to come together to create the change they are all mutually striving for

The motivation of my artwork and writing for my CAT 1 assignment, which explore students' views on the climate of the UCSD campus.

UCSD to me symbolizes racial and sexual equality and this is why i chose to draw this.

During my high school career, I never had the feeling of being included. As I entered college, I was afraid that my experiences in high school were going to carry over into college. Instead, the people were much more accepting of who I am. They gave me a new place I could call "home."
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