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I was prompted to make a piece of work for my CAT1 class that encapsulated how I felt about UCSD's campus climate. I thought it would be fitting to use the Notability App on my iPad, what I use to take notes in class and do homework with, to create a piece about the very institution I'm doing said work at. It shows the fragmentation and division between races within this campus while also exemplifying the unity that the student body can create.

It is a big cloud with small islands representing the colleges around the cloud with places that students come from around the picture

I have been living in UCSD for the past three months and spent most of my time on campus. That is why I chose to put either pictures that I took of this campus or pictures of me on campus to showcase my experiences of being in UCSD so far. That is why my pictures are inside the letters that form UC San Diego which is supposed to resemble my life inside this campus.

This piece is a map of my personal experience as a transfer student here at UCSD. I am a senior in the visual arts department and being a transfer student, I have only had classes in a few of the colleges here. I wanted this map to express the isolation that our students and especially transfers feel here.

Daydream of UCSD's campus climate

This piece is more of a positive take on the climate at UCSD. I have made so many friends while attending this school even though as a transfer student, I have spent less time here. The art department is a very tight knit community and I feel very close to my peers. Though there are many possible institutional critiques I could have focused on for this project, I chose to do something more positive in nature.

NOW WHAT? I find myself wondering this often. The portrait is of a girl I knew in high school who was a very active feminist. She was a very successful woman and when I look at her I think how much the movement has made my life better. However, it is easy to forget we are trapped in a political bubble here in California. Trump being elected president was really shocking for a lot of people... I forgot how much hate still exists in this world.

UCSD's campus provides safe spaces for groups of people and community. Also, that everyone is connected in the school no matter where they go.

The first page of my work is a collage representing my experience at UCSD. The motivation behind this collage was to show all aspects of my experience including fitting in, studying hard, and the emotions behind it all. The second page is an essay which focuses on the question of how UCSD's campus climate is for me.

I created this work as part of my CAT1 reading response, to reflect my view of the campus climate. The self-segregation between Asian Americans and international students from China was something I wanted to capture, while reflecting the effects of de-minoritization and affirmative action

My drawings represent each of my first three years at UCSD. My drawings attempt to summarize my mindset, the atmosphere, and my overall experience each year. The first year at this school I came in with an open mind and joined a fraternity and learned about all the negative connotations associated with such an organization. My second year was spent deciding my major/career path beginning with a research internship. My third year was spent studying abroad in Scotland to expand my world knowledge, explore other viewpoints, and discover my family roots.

Gradually, UCSD has been limiting and even completely taking away various resources and platforms of expression. For example, the UCSD crafts center was completely demolished after being available to all students for almost 40 years. Graffiti Hall was a trademark of UCSD as a symbol of the campus's freedom of expression, but that was taken away from us as well. From protests involving the Che Cafe and the University Gallery, it is obvious that the means of expression at UCSD have been changing for the worse.

There are two pictures:
1. A sunset from Eleanor Roosevelt College
2. Me with two of my closest friends.
formerly: sunset and friends

I was motivated to make this piece by the ubiquity of "Graffiti is Prohibited" signs posted around Mandeville Center, the visual arts building. It struck me as especially ironic that these signs are so prevelant in the Art Department. This led me to think about who is allowed to post what on the "canvas" of the UCSD campus, and whether it would be more interesting and appropriate if students were also allowed to mark that "canvas".

The collage consists of images from Raza Resource Centro and the chalking outside it and political protests from various years.

Completed in tandem with a writing assignment for CAT1 about how I have personally experienced the campus climate.

After spending almost four years studying and living at UCSD, Lulu Li indented to capture all the architectural highlights on campus in this piece. Most of them are recognizable Stuart Collection such as Hawkinson Bear, Fallen Star, and Sun God. She also conveys a subtle message responding to the anti-Mexican immigrant graffiti that was unfortunately found on campus by including image of César Chávez, a civil rights activist leader, which was originally from the Peterson Hall mural.

This was an assignment from my CAT 1 class that prompted us to depict the campus climate to us with some form of creative representation and a short essay to detail what the campus climate is to us.

CAT 1: Migration Narrative

This was an assignment for my CAT 1 class, motivated by how UCSD handles political/social issues.

This project was inspired by the similarities found on campus now and back in 2010. It is a commentary on the repetition of a civil rights movement that reveals the still present inequality.

There's two tridents: one black wrapped with white strips and one white wrapped with yellow stripes. Those four colors represent the racial diversity at UCSD. The LGBTQ background color also show how the campus welcome all individuals. The person with a question mark signifies that students are unaware of the complexities of racial issues.

I painted a piece that reflected how I felt early on in the quarter here at UCSD. I felt isolated here because it was a completely new environment and I didn't think I would find people I could relate to, as isolated as Blacks Beach. The trees and forest vibe of the campus was comforting until the chalk writings appeared reflecting Trump's hatred, that's when the campus felt truly dark at night. The place I found peace at was the Raza Resource Centro all this time because it felt so welcoming despite everything.

Although Mexico is a mere thirty miles away, I feel as if once I enter the UCSD campus I barely see anyone that resembles me. This allows me to interact with other students from all over the world and it is a great learning experience overall.

The undergraduate enrollment statistics present Asians at being the highest percent of ethnicity enrolled at UCSD. As an incoming Asian American student I thought that I could easily feel this sense of belonging. However, I did not consider the several ethnic groups of Asia and how much different I would still be and feel amongst them. The photo above symbolizes how we are grouped as one but are still composed of unique characteristics as individuals.

There are four photos which I took to represent how the campus normally looks and four of same images which are made so that it looks like one is looking at the campus through a kaleidoscope. The original pictures were how I first saw the campus, the stillness and division of our campus not less due to our separation of each college but also the racial aspects. The ones through the kaleidoscope describes what I have slowly been seeing as I spend more time at UCSD. That even though we are divided in many ways, there are also events that brings the campus alive and together.

When I first thought of how Asian Americans are portrayed in the minority world, I thought of it as a missing puzzle piece. Asian is just a generalized term to categorize people who live around relatively the same area of the world and there is so much more diversity within this term. There is a wall separating us from the rest of them, but when we're put together, we make up UCSD as a whole unit, like a finished puzzle.

The artwork features two photos. The photos feature two of my Asian American friends. The quotes on the pieces of paper say "I am still and ethnic minority" and "I don't have straight As". The quotes strive to show the audience that Asian Americans are not model minorities and the stereotypes given to Asian Americans by society are incorrect.

For an assignment for my CAT class, I sketched a picture of what I thought was a representation of UCSD and environment and climate of the campus.

UCSD climate based on my experience so far at the University.

The Interrobang was invented by advertising executive Martin K. Speckter in 1962 to convey surprised questions by using a single punctuation mark. The Interrobang caught on for a time and became a standard key on some models of Remington and Smith-Corona typewriters. Now, there is a movement to restore the Interrobang as a regular punctuation on computer keyboards and cell phones. Through my artwork, I am proposing the idea of an emotional reaction to the UC San Diego campus events that have affected all students. The Interrobang embodies the shock of hearing such news.

I was inspired to draw this after reading Angela Kong's thesis, Re-examining Diversity Policy at UCSD. In her thesis, she talks about how Asian Americans were underserved despite being a model minority and agree with her point of view.

I see different people unite together on campus. They are in different position, but they have the same goal. They all want freedom, and justice. I think UCSD has achieved this goal, or it is achieving.

My own experience motives me to draw the picture.

*The photo was taken in the 2016 Triton Day. In the photo, there is a lion dance performance, which is originated in Southeast Asian, on the library walk.
Triton Day become my first impression about the UCSD: the campus promotes different cultures, advocating the coexistence of different cultures and different racial groups

It was motivated by my abroad study experience from 3 years high school and 1 quarter college. I used to think immigration .are simple choice and people stay with the people comes from same country. However, Kong's paper teaches me that as Asian Americans, people face problem unlike both Asian and American. It is open minded

The artwork is the second page of the file upload. It's part of CAT1 course's homework. I'm sorry for just drawing some simple comics because I'm really not skillful in painting.

The purpose of these two drawings it to critique the phenomenon that the number of freshmen is increasing every year while the resources at our school are still very limited so that students have to share lots of resources have to be shared by students.

To show my impression of UCSD's climate

“Other” is a call to attention for individuals who identify as mixed and choose not to confine themselves to one of their ethnicities. Mixed people often lack a true sense of belonging when confronted with ethnic organizations in college. I want to raise awareness for the struggles that mixed people encounter and the pressures put on us to pick only one of our heritages to represent ourselves. We are not always accepted in either end of our own personal ethnic spectra; we must create our own identities without having to settle for “Other” as if life is a single-answer questionnaire.

Reading Response #5 assignment for CAT 1A with Professor Amanda Soloman.

Freshman Orientation was the first day i had officially spent at UCSD, so of course everything was influential to me of how I would view the school. First impressions, I had an immediate culture shock to see the minority groups to be the majority of the population at school. I would always remember the conversation I had with Bob because he had taken stereotypes out of a context I was used to before. Being in an new environment and using those generalizations resonated with me and how I would view myself to be.

I wanted to simply and accurately express my feelings about how I perceived UCSD as a place and a space for all people.

The course Cuture, Art and Technology 1 significantly changed my perspectives about the immigration. As the last reading response, my paper mainly focuses on my personal experiences in UCSD and how they relate to the Kong's analysis.

This is a reflection of my experience of the UCSD campus climate.

356140228187827185 .pdf
I took a class on "migration narratives" and realized in the end that I don't really quite relate with any of those narratives on a personal level. Fun times.

The inclusion of minorities in UCSD.

The following document is a reading response assigned by Professor Amanda Solomon for the CAT1 course. It primarily focuses to reflect on the diversity policies of the university and the analysis made by Angela Kong in Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD.

The American culture of escapism as the habitual failure to solve one's own psychological problems and a excuse to forget/postpone the fight to solve societal problems.

Class assignment.
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