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The picture was taken on my way to class one day. It was a quiet day on campus and i feel like it captured my view of the school. It is a bright but gloomy picture with people going about their day.

I drew this as part of the reading response for Angela Kong's article, Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD. King Triton in my drawing symbolizes UCSD and the three spikes on his trident hold different minority groups at UCSD. As an Asian myself, I really relate to the model minority myth so I put an Asian boy on top of the highest spike showing how many people put Asians in such position and expecting them to do certain things and how the Asian group is kind of isolated from other minority groups.

One time my friend asked me for help on a math problem, and I didn't know the solution, to which he responded with: "You're Asian, yet you can't do this?" That was the motivation behind my essay.

As an assignment from my CAT class

Walking around UCSD, I had always felt very welcomed and included. I had also felt this inclusion spread to all students, regardless of race. This collage represents how welcoming I perceive UCSD to be.

The experience I painted is the experience that I have many times

During an anti-Trump protest at UCSD, some Asian Americans participated in the protest whereas other Asian Americans stood off to the side as bystanders. They were hesitant of whether or not to join because they were either uninformed of Trump's political views or felt that the issue did not affect them directly.

This collage of photos is filled with my friends here at UCSD. I happen to be Asian and they happen to be too, but what you don't see from appearance is that we are ethnically diverse within: Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean. We are all "American," but that can be narrowed down as well: NorCal, SoCal, immigrant, undocumented, citizen. In the end, we are all tritons. This college originally was paired with an assignment for CAT 1, but these priceless photos to me aren't about the how the minorities on campus have become the majority and are diverse. These friendships have established me a home here at UCSD and transition me into an independent life.

Being at UCSD made me constantly homesick. There was no better place to describe as home than the apartment I live in.

Required for my Writing Class; also inspired by the events on campus and what the current climate is.

Many students just live their own lives and never stop to think about the issues that riddle this campus.

Done for Prof. Solomon's CAT 1 class.

Asian students in America are taught that all Asians, no matter their circumstances are, expected to be smart. For those who meet rise to the top of their grade, this belief is a source of pride. For those who are mediocre, this belief is a burden that criticized them. For all of us, the belief in the model minority creates a constant fear of slipping grades, letting grades rule our lives.

Written response for Professor Solomon's CAT 1 class.

Vast ocean waves can be interpreted as cultural struggles and barriers that eventually lead into the beautiful sunset, success.

This is my reading response for my CAT 1 class.

After reading the Compton Cookout incident, and the effort Asian american student organization put afterwards to strike out for their rights, I want to reflect some of my reflections and opinions about the campus environment.

In UCSD, Asian American seem to be excluded from various international events, such as international Friday cafe. I believe, on some level, they are lacking the courage to join the table because they are not comfortable and confident with their own identity. In this drawing, I am pointing out the phenomenon in order for more asian students to be more active in the international community.

describe the climate in UCSD using my personal experience


Inspired by a paper and my own experience.

This sketch is a submission for Professor Solomon's CAT1 class on migration and borders. It is a simple depiction of the troubles and conflicts behind an Asian American showing that they are no different than students of any other ethnicity.

This piece was inspired by the messages of peace and love that were written across campus in response to the words of hate that were written down library walk and in front of the Raza resource center.

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College is a constant struggle to find out who you truly are and it's easy to get lose in a wave of strangers.

UCSD has the ocean view and the connection with Dr. Seuss, it's a shame the school did not take full advantage of those two to create something that could be very unique to the school. The idea is to have a permanent place for students to be together regardless of the field they study. Location would be at the mid-west of the campus for the view.

A sketch depicting all my thoughts and feelings about UCSD's most famous building. Complete with all the superstitions and experiences I've had in the Geisel palace.

I wanted to show how an Asian student could really felt when saw some of the encouraging cards from the TRITON MURAL at Revelle College

So far, at my time here, I have come to notice that UCSD is diverse in a literal, statistical sense. However, UCSD's culture doesn't embrace the connotations of unity, acceptance, and love that further define what diverse truly means. Diversity is portrayed as unwelcome at this university and we need to re-consider what attribute to our definition of it.

This collage expresses my personal experience of UCSD'S campus climate.

Tucked Away is a series of three mixed media drawings (14X17 inches) of locations on the UCSD campus that are hidden gems. None of these locations are in plain sight; they have to be found. Many students feel that the school environment at UCSD can be very stressful. Luckily, there are many tucked away places that students can go to get a breath of fresh air and relax between classes or study sessions. In these drawings, man-made structures are present but the viewer still gets the sense that they are surrounded and sheltered by plants or trees.

This piece was drawn from the motivation to receive an A in my CAT 1 migration narrative course.

Represents my UCSD experiences through works and a digitally produced image

Studying in this big campus, I always feel tired to walk around the campus to find classrooms and certain place to meet my friends. There are buildings everywhere, people everywhere, assignments, lectures..etc lots of thing happening on this campus everyday but where can I find a good place for me to take a nap and relax? Therefore, I decided to draw a map of UCSD showing the places where I have found could provide me a little space to take a little break from my busy, intensive school life.

The reason behind my picture is that I wanted to show that even though race relation is a very hot topic today you still get people coming together that can put their difference aside to be able to connect with one another.

This entry reflects my changed view of the campus climate after completing my CAT course revolving around migration and cultural tension in the US.

The motivation for this piece was Angela Kong's assigned reading piece from CAT 1 with Professor Amanda Solomon in Migration Narratives. This is my personal experience as an Asian -American living on campus surrounded by individuals that are open and care free of aspects like ethnicity.

I was inspired to create a piece that represented my first experiences at UCSD. I am blown away by the creativity and imagination I find in everyone I meet. The opportunities this year have been life changing, and I can not wait to see what else UCSD has in store. My piece represents the beauty of intellect, and how, even when everyone is on a different level, we can all make one beautiful picture. Intellect is special as it is independent race,religion, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background. No matter where you come from you still have something to contribute.

This is for all the freshies and students who don't seem to fit in, all the minority students, and for myself. I can't promise you'll ever fit in (if that's what you're into), completely assimilate, or even love it here (UCSD). But, if you come across these words and partial doodles, I hope it gives you courage to continue, be proactive, call your family, or drop out, whatever makes a change in the person that lays their eyes on this work-- even if just for a quick glance.

This is a photo taken on Black's Beach during week 0 with me and my new group of friends. Up to this day, we are all still close friends, and I would like to thank UCSD for making this picture possible. Why? It's simple- their diversity policy. The encouragement and support for others, the environment with people of different color hanging out with each other, and the school's role in enforcing diversity has truly changed my perspective, since I have been living in a non-diverse environment for my whole life before I moved here.

The submitted work, Crafts Center Footprint, was created by combining articles and images about the UCSD Crafts Center and its demolition to form black and white line patterns. These were then shaped into the floor plan of the Crafts Center as documented in UCSD Facilities Drawings and renovation reports to reflect the visual footprint the building represented on campus. The shape of this footprint is repeated in collaged images of the floor plan printed on paper. India ink and a pink ink pen are then used to circle important lines in the texts that tell the story of the Crafts Center through the collected articles, which, in turn, define the color and lines within the image. The words, therefore, define the image. Pink ink is also used as an intervention on the black and white image of the destroyed Crafts Center to imagine new architectural forms a resurrected Crafts Center could take. If this image is to be displayed on the wall, it would benefit from being printed larger than the…

My experience with the political climate of UCSD has shown me that the campus is made up of many groups all eager to change but not willing enough to come together to create the change they are all mutually striving for

The motivation of my artwork and writing for my CAT 1 assignment, which explore students' views on the climate of the UCSD campus.

UCSD to me symbolizes racial and sexual equality and this is why i chose to draw this.

During my high school career, I never had the feeling of being included. As I entered college, I was afraid that my experiences in high school were going to carry over into college. Instead, the people were much more accepting of who I am. They gave me a new place I could call "home."

From my experience, I was taught to be goal-oriented and to doing anything and everything I can to be successful in life. So, grades and learning are most important and if these social issues do not hinder my pathway to medicine school, I will not care as much. This is mainly because throughout the years, I have taken on a pessimistic view of governments in general, whether they are small-scale, racial politics in school or large-scale, country government, I feel as if my voice will not be heard. So, sadly, I do not get involved.

A representation of how I saw UCSD and how I was shielded from what was really happening.

This is a required assignment from my current CAT 1 class. In the first page I presented photos representing my life at UCSD so far. In the second page essay I correlated my own experience with Kong, Angela's Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD.

Artwork is a collage of photographic recreations of chalk messages left around campus. The writing discusses my impression of the campus climate.

Filled with apprehension, I moved from India to San Diego,
To study, to explore, to experience diversity,
I wished to become a global citizen,
To learn to live and love without prejudice,
The UCSD family has welcomed me with open arms,
Between long hours at the library, midnight meals, dorm parties and the trips to the beach,
I have found a home away from home. Go Tritons!

Upon establishment of the University of California, San Diego, it has been said that the original college system was intended to consist of 12 colleges. However, the university currently only consists of six colleges. With that in mind, this altered campus map of the current layout of UCSD implements the twelve colleges had they were to be a part of campus. Colleges written in red indicate the current locations of the six colleges whereas those written in purple indicate the locations of the remaining six. Additionally, many components and locations in the school are also highlighted on this map. They are each grouped by different categories according to color such as orange representing locations pertaining to the arts and aqua indicating locations of athletic facilities. From this map, one can infer that the sizes of facilities as well as components of the campus reflect that which the university values the most and is known for. Although this map successfully designates areas of…
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