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A two page essay that includes a poem that i wrote that reflects my experience on campus, and my response to question asked in my CAT class regarding Angela Kong's dissertation.

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After understanding the deeply intricate situation that minority students face at the UC campus, I decided to create a brief poem and record myself reading said poem that captures the complication between the stereotypical "Model Minority" of academia and the "Yellow Peril" of American socio-economics.

The overall notion that the Asian American minority and their inclusion at the UCSD campus as both a separate entity treated as both greater than their fellow peers and lesser for their supposedly hyper-visibility is one that creates confusion among those that fail to realize the duality, and it is through my poem that I hope to shed some light on such issue, the way I see it at UCSD.

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For an assignment for my CAT class, I sketched a picture of what I thought was a representation of UCSD and environment and climate of the campus.

There are two pictures:
1. A sunset from Eleanor Roosevelt College
2. Me with two of my closest friends.
formerly: sunset and friends

The reason behind my picture is that I wanted to show that even though race relation is a very hot topic today you still get people coming together that can put their difference aside to be able to connect with one another.

This piece was drawn from the motivation to receive an A in my CAT 1 migration narrative course.

This piece was inspired by the messages of peace and love that were written across campus in response to the words of hate that were written down library walk and in front of the Raza resource center.

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