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At 7:30pm, SRTV aired a segment in which Muir College junior Yelena Akopian interviewed three students who planned to throw a similar "Black History Month" party. The students went on air complaining about the protests and defending their party as protected by the First Amendment.

"After the initial three guys left, the Koala made the topic Black History Month, and they started doing a show that was normal for Koala TV standards," [SRTV manager-in training Panham Morini] said. Over the course of the show, Koala members made controversial comments, linking HIV to sexuality and race, and attacking black protesters of the Cookout (Chen, 2010).

UCSD administration held a teach-in on February 24, 2010 to address recent racially-charged events on campus. Halfway through the teach-in, student leaders urged all students in attendance to walk out. The students then held their own teach-in outside of the Price Center.. . . Black Student Union Leader Fnann Keflezighi was invited to speak. . . . "We want to walk out of this university sponsored teach-in because a teach-in is not what is needed right now," Keflezighi told the crowded auditorium. "Right now real action is needed. So please join me in our teach-in and follow me to march out of this room" (Tintocalis, 2010).
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