Crafts Center Footprint


Crafts Center Footprint


I am a Visual Arts Studio major at UCSD's Eleanor Roosevelt College. I grew up in San Diego and originally started my studies at UCSD in 1990. Textiles, traditional crafts and layering play a large role in my practice, whether inspiring patterns or textures or as raw materials.


The submitted work, Crafts Center Footprint, was created by combining articles and images about the UCSD Crafts Center and its demolition to form black and white line patterns. These were then shaped into the floor plan of the Crafts Center as documented in UCSD Facilities Drawings and renovation reports to reflect the visual footprint the building represented on campus. The shape of this footprint is repeated in collaged images of the floor plan printed on paper. India ink and a pink ink pen are then used to circle important lines in the texts that tell the story of the Crafts Center through the collected articles, which, in turn, define the color and lines within the image. The words, therefore, define the image. Pink ink is also used as an intervention on the black and white image of the destroyed Crafts Center to imagine new architectural forms a resurrected Crafts Center could take. If this image is to be displayed on the wall, it would benefit from being printed larger than the original for ease of reading. For online, it would be important to have a zoom version of the image.


Jessica Ballenger




Ink and paper collage



Physical Dimensions

18 inches x 24 inches


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