Twelve Triton Colleges


Twelve Triton Colleges


Karmah Eldesouky is an undergraduate student studying Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts - Visual Arts (ICAM) and minoring in Studio. She enjoys drawing from both observation and imagination. Her mediums include graphite, ink, colored pencil and watercolor. She explores elements found in illustration, design, and photography. More of her work can be viewed on her website,


Upon establishment of the University of California, San Diego, it has been said that the original college system was intended to consist of 12 colleges. However, the university currently only consists of six colleges. With that in mind, this altered campus map of the current layout of UCSD implements the twelve colleges had they were to be a part of campus. Colleges written in red indicate the current locations of the six colleges whereas those written in purple indicate the locations of the remaining six. Additionally, many components and locations in the school are also highlighted on this map. They are each grouped by different categories according to color such as orange representing locations pertaining to the arts and aqua indicating locations of athletic facilities. From this map, one can infer that the sizes of facilities as well as components of the campus reflect that which the university values the most and is known for. Although this map successfully designates areas of campus with the addition of six more colleges, it is evident that their creation is possible yet impractical.


Karmah Eldesouky




Mixed Media: Marker, Charcoal, and Pen



Physical Dimensions



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