UCSD's First Demonstration


UCSD's First Demonstration


In one of UCSD's historic moments a collection of twenty-five freshmen, graduate students, and faculty members joined in a demonstration against U.S. military intervention in the Dominican Republic. UCSD's "Advocacy and Open Discussion Area" on the upper campus was first put into service an hour or so before noon, Thursday, May 6. Many of the demonstrators carried signs commenting on the situation in the Dominican Republic. Among the slogans used were "Join the marines and fight the world," "Does the end justify the Marines," and "Napalm those Dominican kids!" (UCSD's First Demonstration, 1965).
Comments On A Demonstration
In, I'm afraid, one of the UCSD's saddest moments, twenty-five freshmen, graduate students and faculty members, by joining together in a needless demonstration, made complete fools of themeselves and their school. The demonstration against US military intervention in the Dominican Republic accomplished but one thing -- a lot of publicity. The demonstrators got the attention they've been seeking and a few liberal administrative officials were given their chance to expound some wonderful advice.

Let's do a little thinking. If the little boys and girls must demonstrate, then at lease demonstrate for the right cause. But, unfortunately, cause has little to do with demonstrations today. I'm afraid a new slogan must be found for those students and faculty who have nothing better to do in college: "If at first you don't succeed, demonstrate!" (Raines, 1965).


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