UCSD Mourns Death of Dr. King


UCSD Mourns Death of Dr. King


The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King had a deep and profound effect upon members of the UCSD academic community.

Chancellor Galbraith held an official commemorative service on the grassy knoll behind the library* at noon. This was followed later in the day by a march into La Jolla and a demonstration at City Hall in San Diego, where a series of recommendations were presented.

Chancellor Galbraith told the students that King's dream is far from realization and that "the time is upon us when all blacks and whites must take action to translate his dream into reality" (University Mourns Death of Dr. King, 1968).

*Present-day Galbraith Hall


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Image: University Mourns Death of Dr. King. (1968, April 12). Triton Times, 4(2), p1. Retrieved from https://library.ucsd.edu/dc/object/bb7065998t




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