Urey Hall Takeover


Urey Hall Takeover


[D]isparate antiwar groups decided to do a joint sit in of Urey Hall — a science building — one of the centers of the University's complicity with war, as many of the offices of those professors with DOD contracts were located there.

There was no plan to do damage to the building or to the offices, and none occurred. We just wanted to close down this center of the war — at least temporarily (Dr Anonymouse, 2009).


Dr Anonymouse. (2009, May 4). I was in a sit-in at UCSD when we heard about the killings at Kent State. OB Rag. Retrieved from http://obrag.org/?p=6972
Image: Torraus, Police, Student Disturbance [Students with strike signs at Urey Hall, Revelle College, cMay 26, 1969]. Scripps Institution of Oceanography Photographs. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego. Retrieved from https://library.ucsd.edu/dc/object/bb4472056d




1960s - 1980s


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