Anti-Asian Hate Crimes on the Rise


Anti-Asian Hate Crimes on the Rise


Often, school authorities manage to cover up alarming events such as violent hate crimes before members of college and university communities realize what has occurred. By now, most of UCSD has heard of the recent confrontation concerning a group of Japanese students and their assailants. Many believe this incident was racially motivated.

Forms of hate crimes against not only Asian Americans, but all ethnic minority groups, have become increasingly common. They occur weekly, if not daily, on several college campuses across the nation. History repeats itself in a cyclical pattern.

In a society which enjoys placing the blame on others in order to avoid taking the responsibility itself, education in the form of ethnic studies can help inform the population of cultural diversity. Differences should not be used as weapons but as tools to build a community where people can live without the fear of violent assault (Fan, 1992).


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