Chicano Legacy Mural


Chicano Legacy Mural


Working with [literature professor Jorge] Mariscal and students in the campus organization Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), [Artist Mario] Torero created a 2 by 8 foot painting that included familiar faces (César Chávez), cultural icons (the Corn Mother) and local places (Chicano Park, whose 40th anniversary in 2010 is celebrated in the mural’s title: “Chicano Legacy 40 Años”). He expanded it to mural size and the canvas was hung outside Peterson Hall in 2009 in an installation that was intended to be temporary.

"Through the tireless efforts of UC San Diego’s student leaders, working with campus administrators, the mural was made permanent," said Vice Chancellor of Resource Management and Planning Gary Matthews. "Students from MEChA have long worked to connect the campus with our surrounding community (Chute, 2011)."


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Image: Wang, Kirk (Photographer). (2017, May 8). Mural [Photograph]. San Diego, CA: N.p.






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