Subject: A Message from Vice Chancellor Petitt


Subject: A Message from Vice Chancellor Petitt


Over the last few months I have written about the importance of engaging our Principles of Community. I write again today in light of recent incidents occurring on our campus following a particularly acrimonious election season. I am concerned about the number of our campus community members who have reported that they have experienced or fear the increased likelihood of identity-based intimidation on our campus.

The day after the election, our campus was defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti near one of our campus bus stops. The graffiti was removed immediately after it was reported and the incident is being investigated by the UC San Diego Police Department (Petitt, 2016).


Petitt, Becky.  (2016, November 22).  A Message from Vice Chancellor Petitt.  Office of the Vice Chancellor – Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (Campus Notice). Retrieved from
Image: Nicole, Daniella (Photographer). (2016, November 9) In Facebook. San Diego, CA.






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