Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a work in progress, which we will be updating and enhancing over the next several months. If you have a question about Audrey’s that you would like to see answered, please send it to us and we will respond as soon as possible. Contact us at:

Q. Will Audrey’s stay open during Finals?

A. Yes, Audrey’s will be open during Finals and other high-volume study periods. View Audrey's café hours of service.

Q. Isn’t having food in the Library a violation of policy?

A. No, it’s not a violation. Many years ago, the Library (and countless other libraries) did not allow food and drink in the public spaces of our library buildings. However, we have long had a policy that allows food and drink, with certain restrictions. View the Library’s food and beverage policy. Smelly, pungent hot foods are prohibited and drinks should be contained or have lids. The Café will not be serving hot entrees; only sandwiches, salads, pastries, and other packaged or dry foods.

Q. How is Audrey’s sustainable?

A. Audrey’s supports the Library’s and the campus’ commitment to environmental sustainability in its operations, construction materials, and products. Coffee and tea beverages are supplied by Café Virtuoso, a local roaster based in Barrio Logan, whose products are certified organic, fair trade, and ethically sourced. Patrons will be incentivized to use sustainable beverage containers rather than single-use cups, and café beverages are one-size only.

Q. How did the Library decide which vendors to use for coffee and food?

A. In order to select our vendors, it was first necessary to identify an operator who understood our preferences for organic, independent, fair trade coffee and tea, and would partner with us to reach this goal. After discussions with other possible campus and commercial operators, we were fortunate to partner with the campus’ Sports Facilities, a unit in Student Affairs. Sports Facilities is the café operator and therefore took the initiative in identifying our vendors — Café Virtuoso and Bread & Cie, both independent, local entities, sharing a strong commitment to quality and craft.

Q. My department wants to hold a small celebration. Is it possible to rent out the café space for a few hours?

A. Because Audrey’s needs to be self-supporting, the café needs to stay open to the public during established hours. Also, the café has been established to meet the needs of students and other Library users when the Library is open. Consequently, there are no current plans to allow for the closure of Audrey’s for private events.

Q. Are students being hired to work at the café? How can I find out about possible jobs?

A. Yes! According to Sports Facilities, the operator of the café, more than 70 students will be employed at Audrey’s. All students will go through a training program so barista experience, while desirable, is not necessary. All student jobs can be viewed on Handshake.