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HUB SEGUR 040.jpg
UFWOC Vice-President, Larry Itliong, stationed in Delano.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 031.jpg
March picket captain, Alfredo Vazquez, chowing down in Brawley.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 032.jpg
March break time: in front: Venustiano Olguin, Irene Reyes, and Pete Velasco sporting his high cut black sneakers; in the background, Alfredo Figueroa, on guitar.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 033.jpg
Desert temperatures exceeded 100 degrees on each of the eight days of the march.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 034.jpg
Maria Esquival led the march proudly carrying the Virgin of Guadalupe banner, Tony Lopez carrying the American flag, and Venustiano Olguin carrying the Mexican flag.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 035.jpg
Philip Vera CruzFeb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 026.jpg
At the end of the day, the march banners were carefully collected and stored.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 027.jpg
March breaks were time for singing: Lupe Murguia, Alfredo Figueroa, and Augie Lira.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 028.jpg
Many of the marchers'children joined the march for an hour or two.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 029.jpg
Looking for local coverage of the march.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 030.jpg
Attorney David Averbuck being interviewed in Brawley by local newspaper writers. His continued participation in the march was an inspiration to everyone.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 021.jpg
Rev. Ralph Abernathy, SCLC, was interviewed while marching.Feb 16, 2006
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