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Cesar Chavez Papers (7 items)

Cesar Chavez was an inspirational and patient teacher. He had the ability, the intellectual acumen, and the life-experience necessary to explain complex matters in everyday language. Chavez wrote little but communicated much.

Mike Miller UFW Collection Primary Source Accounts and Documents 1952 – 2001

Introduction by LeRoy Chatfield 2007

1950’s-1965 (17 items)

1966-1969 (52 items)

1970-1979 (37 items)

1980-Present (6 items)

Juanita Brown Collection

Articles About the Farmworker Movement (9 items)

Fighting for our Lives Information Packet (1 item)

Gallo Boycott (8 items)

Miami Boycott Fundraising (13 items)

Misc. Articles (5 items)

UFW Boycott Literature (8 items)

UFW Graphics (10 items)

Susan Due Pearcy Collection (15 items)

Susan Due Pearcy Notecards (6 items)

Tom Dalzell UFW Collection

California Farmworker Legislation (3 items)

Arizona Church Opposition (1 item)

UFW Conventions (2 items)

1974 UFW Calendar (16 items)

Agribusiness Articles (13 items)

American Federationist (1 item)

Early UFW Boycott Flyers (10 items)

El Malcriado Flyer (1 item)

La Lucha (1 item)

New Yorker (1 item)

News Articles (8 items)

Proposition 22 Brochure (1 item)

Ramparts Magazine (3 items)

Rev. John Bank (5 items)

Sacramento Bee Cartoons (2 items)

Teamster Anti – UFW Cartoons (42 items)

Teamster Anti – UFW Literature (20 items)

Teamsters Organizing Flyers (15 items)

Time Magazine (1 item)

UFW Arabic Flyers (6 items)

UFW Organizing Flyers (111 items)

Madeline Rogero & Mark Pitt UFW Collection 1972-1977

United Farm Workers (76 files)

Boycott (74 files)

Labor (26 files)

Politics (23 files)

Church (14 files)

Labor (3 files)

Teamsters (3 files)

UFW Florida (6 files)

Nori Davis UFW Collection

Proposition 14 (33 items) – 1976

UFW Imperial Valley – Organizing Campaign – 1976/1977

Vote Union (44 items)

Organizing Cartoons (39 items)

Meeting Announcements (35 items)

Union Benefits (21 items)

Ranch Committees (18 items)

Union Victories (14 items)

Election Petitions (10 items)

Union Committees (9 items)

Cesar Chavez (7 items)

Union Contract (3 items)

Teamsters (2 items)


Anti-UFW Flyers (3 items)

Local Press News Clips (18 items)

Union Songs (1 item)

Administrative Forms (19 items)

Debbie Miller UFW Collection

Introduction by Debbie Miller

1980 Negotiations Report (2 items)

A Perspective on the Farm Worker’s Movement (1 item)

Anti-UFW Propaganda 1970’s (2 items)

Cesar Chavez Visits Connecticut 1974 (8 items)

Connecticut Boycott Flyers (20 items)

Gallo Strike 1973 (2 items)

Manongs of California (1 item)

Montreal Feminist 1974 (1 item)

Montreal Star Aug 1974 (1 item)

Montreal UFW Boycott Flyers (21 items)

Montreal UFW Boycott Newsletters (8 items)

Montreal UFW Boycott Press Clips (19 items)

Neville Hamilton Report Montreal Press Coverage 1975 (1 item)

New England UFW Boycott 1973-1974 (3 items)

NFWM Newsletter (3 items)

Religious Support for UFW (7 items)

Setting up a UFW Boycott 1974 (1 item)

Statements of Cesar Chavez (2 items)

The Catholic Worker (5 items)

Torrington Ct UFW Boycott (9 items)

UFW 25th Anniversary Benefit 1987 (1 item)

UFW Canada Boycott 1976 (1 item)

UFW Church Boycott Support (8 items)

UFW Connecticut Boycott 1972-1974 1976 (11 items)

UFW House Meetings 1974 (1 item)

UFW President’s Newsletter 1978 (14 items)

Sam Trickey Collection

Texas El Malcriado c1967 (1 item)

1976 UFW Telephone Directory (1 item)

UFW President’s Newsletter 1978-1979 (28 item)

1979 Texas Organizing Convocation (14 items)

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Primary source accounts: photographs, oral histories, videos, essays and historical documents from the United Farm Worker Delano Grape Strikers and the UFW Volunteers who worked with Cesar Chavez to build his farmworker movement.

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