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HUB SEGUR 014.jpg
Senator Yarborough, Cesar Chavez and Senator Ted Kennedy brought the rallyers to their feet.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 015.jpg
The concluding rally was held in Calexico. Identifiable are Senator Ralph Yarborough, Pete Velasco, Irene Reyes, Jim Drake and Amalia UribeFeb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 006.jpg
Jessica Govea, an inspiration to Canadians in both Toronto and Montreal.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 007.jpg
The weekly Saturday afternoon demonstration.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 008.jpg
Cesar Chavez joined the Toronto picket lines in early winter, 1969.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 009.jpg
At non-union farms, the strike continued.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 010.jpg
At non-union farms, the strike continued.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 001.jpg
Cesar Chavez and Monsignor George Higgins at the Delano contract signing, June 1970.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 002.jpg
Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 003.jpg
Manuel Rivera and family joined the Toronto boycott and all the Riveras pitched in.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 004.jpg
Cesar's visit concluded with a pool tournament; Marion Moses refereed.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 005.jpg
The UFW flag flew proudly over downtown Toronto.Feb 16, 2006
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