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20 - "We advocate militant nonviolence as our means for social revolution and to achieve justice for farmworkers, but we are not blind or deaf to the desperate and moody winds of human frustration, impatience, and the rage that blow among us."
21 - "Today on Good Friday 1969 we remember the life and the sacrifice of Martin Luther King, Jr., who gave himself totally to the nonviolent struggle for peace and justice."
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06 - "We are men and women who have suffered and endured much, and not only because of our abject poverty, but because we have been kept poor."
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10 - "We know that our cause is just, that history is a story of social revolution, and the poor shall inherit the land."
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15 - "The Delano strikers have been taught not to lie down and die, nor to feel shame, but to resist with every ounce of human endurance and spirit."
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09 - "If building our union required the deliberate taking of life, either the life of a grower and his child. or the life of farmworker or his child, then I choose not to see our union built."
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05 - " We are human beings, no better and no worse than any other cross-section of human society; we are not saints because we are poor, but by the same measure neither are we immoral."
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04 - "The hopes and aspirations of the poor and dispossesed have been raised on our account."
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07 - "The colors of our skins, the lack of formal education, the exclusion from the democratic process - all these burdens have sought to demoralize us, to break our human spirit."
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08 - "God knows that we are not beasts of burden, agricultural implements, or rented slaves; we are men."
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01 - Paul Fusco of Magnum Photos - Photographs of the Cesar Chavez and the Delano farmworkers. - Paul's new photo essay project:
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12 - "We are men locked in a death struggle against man's inhumanity to man in the agribusiness industry."
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