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15 - "The Delano strikers have been taught not to lie down and die, nor to feel shame, but to resist with every ounce of human endurance and spirit."248 views
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04 - "The hopes and aspirations of the poor and dispossesed have been raised on our account."239 views
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09 - "If building our union required the deliberate taking of life, either the life of a grower and his child. or the life of farmworker or his child, then I choose not to see our union built."236 views
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03 - "For our part, I admit that we have seized upon every tactic and strategy consistent with the morality of our cause to expose injustice."232 views
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05 - " We are human beings, no better and no worse than any other cross-section of human society; we are not saints because we are poor, but by the same measure neither are we immoral."228 views
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11 - "I ask the growers to at least sit down with us to discuss the safeguards necessary to keep our historical struggle free of violence."217 views
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14 - "Time accomplishes for the poor what money does for the rich."217 views
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13 - "We do not hate the growers or rejoice to see their industry destroyed; we hate the agribusiness system that seeks to keep us enslaved."217 views
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18 - "We have tried to involve masses of people in their own struggle."215 views
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16 - "We shall overcome and change the social injustice of agribusiness not by retaliation and bloodshed, but by a determined nonviolent struggle carried on by those masses of farmworkers who intend to be free and human."212 views
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17 - "This struggle gives meaning to our life and ennobles our dying."206 views
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19 - "This harvest season will mark our fourth full year of strke and even now we continue to plan and prepare for the years to come."200 views
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