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Chronopolis uses several technologies to package, ingest, distribute, track, and crypotgraphically verify data. 



The main purpose of ChronCore is to package and distribute data securely throughout the system, providing several levels of bit auditing to ensure that nothing is lost in transmission. ChronCore consists of three services: intake, ingest, and replication. Currently only the UCSD library node runs the intake and ingest services, which package, record, and stage data for replication. All partner sites run the replication services, which poll the ingest service hourly to determine if new collections have been staged for replication.


ChronCore Diagram




All data in the system undergo constant integrity monitoring using the Audit Control Environment (ACE). ACE incorporates a new methodology to address the integrity of long-term archives using rigorous cryptographic techniques. ACE continuously audits the contents of the various objects according to the policy set by the archive, and provides mechanisms for an independent third-party auditor to certify the integrity of any object. http://adapt.umiacs.umd.edu/ace





Chronopolis uses the BagIt packaging protocol to transfer data into its storage locations. BagIt is a hierarchical file package structure for the exchange of generalized digital content. A "bag" has just enough structure to safely enclose a brief "tag" and a payload but does not require any knowledge of the payload's internal semantics. This BagIt protocol is suitable for disk-based or network-based file package transfer. https://wiki.ucop.edu/display/Curation/BagIt



Chronopolis is partnering with DuraCloud to offer stream-lined data deposit into our preservation storage centers. Please contact the Chronopolis team for more information.