Telecommunications Sector


Established in 1990, San Diego’s Boatracs was the sole reseller of Qualcomm’s tracking software to the maritime industry. Boatracs’ core offerings are built on the QUALCOMM OmniTRACS® and QUALCOMM OmniVision™ satellite solution... Learn more »


Former Linkabit employees Stephen Blake, Itzhak Gurantz, and Franz Birkner founded ComStream in 1984. The company was initially funded with $5.5 million in from venture capital including Oak Industries, John Hancock Venture Capital, General Electric, Parag... Learn more »

Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international company Hughes Communications. Formerly Hughes Electronics expanded with the purchase of M/A-Com Linkabit’s telecommunications division in 1987. With this acquisition, they obta... Learn more »

Leap Wireless

Leap Wireless was founded in 1999, spun off as an independently traded company from San Diego-based Qualcomm. Leap was started with the idea to provide affordable wireless services to a wide range of customers, without credit checks or long-term commitment... Learn more »


Linkabit is the lesser-known first telecommunications firm by Qualcomm founders Irwin W. Jacobs, and Andrew J. Viterbi. Jacobs, Viterbi, and MIT alumnus Leonard Kleinrock founded Linkabit in October of 1968 at Kleinrock’s home near UCLA. Jacobs was a... Learn more »

M/A-COM Linkabit

In 1979, San Diego’s Linkabit was sold to M/A-COM Technology Solutions, a Massachusetts based supplier of magnetrons to the U.S. Army Signal Corps. The Linkabit acquisition was completed for a price of $25 million. By 1983, Lawrence Gould, the M/A-CO... Learn more »

Novatel Wireless

Novatel Wireless designs and develops wireless solutions based on 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. The company is perhaps best known for its MiFi line of compact wireless routers. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in San Diego. In 1998, Robe... Learn more »

Pacific Communications Sciences, Inc. (PCSI)

Pacific Communications Sciences, Incorporated (PCSI) is a San Diego based developer of wireless communications equipment founded in 1987 and sold to Cirrus Logic in 1993. PCSI’s co-founder Martha Dennis moved to San Diego in 1970 and began work at Li... Learn more »

Primary Access Corporation

Primary Access Corporation develops and manufactures digital network-access systems. The company offers integrated remote access systems that are used by providers of data networks, including long-distance and local carriers, on-line information services, ... Learn more »


Qualcomm Incorporated is an American global semiconductor company headquartered in San Diego, CA that designs, manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications products and services. Qualcomm is best known for pioneering communication systems f... Learn more »

RF Industries

RF Industries, Ltd. was founded by Howard F.H. Hill who has remained the director since 1979 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. The company made its initial public offering in 1984 under the name was formerly known as Celltronics, Inc. The name was cha... Learn more »

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

Science Application International Corporation is the largest employee-owned research and engineering company in the United States headquartered in San Diego. In 1969, founder Dr. J. Robert Beyster raised the initial capital for the company by selling stock... Learn more »

SmartDraw Software

Since 1994, SmartDraw's purpose has been to expand the ways in which people communicate so that we can clearly understand each other, make informed decisions, and work together to improve our businesses and the world. We accomplish this by creating softwar... Learn more »

Tachyon Networks, Inc.

Tachyon Networks Inc., formerly known as Tachyon Inc. has been an innovator in the field of satellite broadband communications since the company was founded in 1997. Tachyon took its name from a hypothetical particle that travels faster than light. It was ... Learn more »

Titan Systems International Inc.

In 1981, Dr. Gene Ray, 11 year Executive at San Diego’s Science Applications International Corporation, co-founded Titan Systems International Inc., also headquartered in San Diego. The Titan Corporation started as a defense department contractor inv... Learn more »

ViaSat Inc.

Mr. Mark D. Dankberg founded ViaSat Incorporated in May of 1986 alongside co-founders Mark Miller and Steve Hart. Prior to ViaSat, he served as an Assistant Vice President of M/A-COM Linkabit from 1979-1986. Today, Dankberg is chairman and CEO, while Mille... Learn more »