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Library De-Stress Activities

Virtual Student Activities

Stay informed about Library student activities on our Google Calendar. We are here to support you and welcome your ideas and feedback.

At this time, the Library will not be holding any de-stress events in-person until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. See the Library Reopening page for up-to-date information about the building.

Virtual Study Rooms

To help you focus on your studies while away from the Library, we created study session videos of your favorite areas in the building. The videos utilize the Pomodoro Technique to help increase productivity and reduce burnout. View the full playlist of backgrounds on YouTube or Google Drive (you must be signed into G Drive with your AD login).
If it suits your study style, we recommend playing lo-fi music as well, such as playlists from LoFi Girl and Café Music BGMC.

We know having a video and the time breakdown isn’t perfect for everyone. We recommend exploring timer apps that allow you customize your study session, such as Focus To-Do, Study Bunny, or Flora.

Library De-Stress Publication

Check back every other Wednesday for healthy tips and new activities that you can do at home as a scheduled study break, weekend de-stress activity, or with friends (virtually, of course) to de-stress. We will be sharing original coloring pages, simple and healthy recipes, mindfulness tips, and more! 

Summer 2021 Publications:

Printable Coloring Pages

Blueprint image of Geisel Library building with a heart at the core of the library. There is an antenna on the roof sending out a signal.

Take a break from studying to enjoy a peaceful hour of coloring. Print out one of the many original coloring pages designed by Library student staff. You must be logged into G Drive with your AD login to access the coloring pages on Google Drive.


Keep reading to learn about de-stress amenities and activities you can look forward to when the Library is fully reopened. Stay up-to-date on the Library Reopening Page.


De-Stress Amenities in the Library

Notice: At this time, the Library will not be holding any de-stress events in-person (Take-A-Break, Stress-Free Zone, etc.) until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Two students on WalkStation treadmills.


Keep active while you study in the Library Two WalkStations in Geisel East's Commons (Floor 2) and one in Geisel's Brody Collaborative Space (Floor 1 West) feature low-speed treadmills with adjustable-height work surfaces. Bookstands and wrist supports are available for checkout at Geisel’s Service Area.


Foam rollers are available in Geisel's East Commons (Floor 2) and Brody Collaborative Space (Floor 1 West) for stretching and desk exercises. A handout showing uses for the foam rollers is available near the foam rollers in the East Commons. Additional sets of foam rollers are available in the Biomedical Library Building (Floor 1 South Stairs).

Quarterly Student Activities

Join us for our quarterly de-stress activities and learn about how the Library can help you succeed academically.

Mid-Term De-Stress Events

Take your study breaks seriously. "Take A Break" with drop-in activities like Kinetic Sand, adult coloring pages, DIY Zen gardens, and more! Invite your friends, or make new friends at Group Study Room 2072 in Geisel's East Commons (Floor 2) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of Weeks 4, 5, and 6 (excluding Summer).

Puzzles & Games


Shared jigsaw puzzles are available in Geisel's East Commons (Floor 2), Brody Collaborative Space (Floor 1 West), & the Biomedical Library Building (Floor 2), and are rotated regularly. A shared chess board is positioned near the windows in Geisel's East Commons.

Coloring pages, sudoku puzzles, and mazes are available in the pamphlet rack near Group Study Rooms 1 and 2 in Geisel’s East Commons. Coloring supply kits are also available for checkout at the Service Area. 

Stress-Free Zone

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of Week 10, we offer a ‘Stress-Free Zone’ in the Events Room on the 1st floor of the Biomedical Library Building. Activities from our “Take A Break” series will be available from 4-6PM on each day. Complete a brief survey to get a blue book or scantron and be entered in a raffle for a prize.

From 7-9PM on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Finals Week, we offer an expanded ‘Stress-Free Zone’ in Group Study Room 2072 in Geisel's East Commons (2nd Floor). The activities above are available along with limited snacks and coffee.

Comments, Questions, or Suggestions?

Know of other amenities, activities, items or events you’d like us to offer? Send questions, comments, and suggestions to

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