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Sponsorship of the Library's Signature Event Series enables us to host luminaries from various fields for engaging and inspirational events, and is vital to the Library meeting its mission to empower students through education and access to knowledge. We’d like to thank our generous supporters for helping us ensure that the Library continues to be at the heart of the student and campus experience.


Sally T. WongAvery 75 and Natasha Wong


Diana G. Fakhrai ’01, MPIA ’04 and Jacob K. Poorman

Charles H. Marston ’78 and Rosa M. Luevano

Claudia J. Prescott


Katherine H. Bower ’68

Noriko and Toshi Ishihara ’84, M.S. ’87, Ph.D. ’89

Mark A. Johnson ’88 and Melinda W. Johnson


Mary Ann Beyster

Yi-Hung Chung ’97 and Yingfei Zhou

Karen B. Dow

Erik T. Engelson ’82, MS ’84

Catherine Friedman

Sheldon R. Furst, MD ’89

Laurie A. Gemmill Arp ’91

Alex and Georgia Gilderman

Mrs. George Gildred (Alison)

Dorothy D. Gregor

John and Sonja Grondalski

Lynda Gualtier and Jeff Solis

Susan and Barry Karl ’74

Ron D. Katznelson, PhD ’82 and Deborah Katznelson

Phyllis and Ed Mirsky

Erik Mitchell and Jeffery Loo

Vicki A. Nakamura ’75, MA ’76 and Charles J. Farwell

Katharine S. Sandstrom ’72, MA ’81, PhD ’83

Brian and Sherri Schottlaender


Donations made as of March 13, 2024