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Sample NSF Data Management Plans

These examples from UC San Diego proposals are intended to provide a starting point for the development of other proposal-specific Data Management Plans.

We thank the UC San Diego investigators who gave permission to include their DMPs in this collection. If you have a DMP you'd be willing to have included here, please contact the library Research Data Curation Program.

Please keep in mind that these examples are project-specific. PIs are encouraged to submit draft DMPs well in advance of the proposal deadline to OCGA to ensure compliance with University policy.

Office of the Director (OD)

Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OD/OCI)

  • DMP Example Allan Snavely From Allan Snavely's proposal to the Strategic Technologies for Cyberinfrastructure (STCI) program.

Office of Integrative Activities (OD/OIA)

  • DMP Example Todd Martz SIO.pdf From Professor Todd Martz's proposal entitled “MRI: Development of an instrument for testing and calibration of autonomous sensors for the marine CO2 system” to the Major Research Instrumentation Program for consideration by the Division of Ocean Sciences.
  • DMP Example Chaitan Baru SDSC.pdf From Dr. Chaitan Baru's Type II proposal to the NSF-wide Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) program.

Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO)

Division of Environmental Biology (BIO/DEB)

  • DMP Example Cleland.pdf From Elsa Cleland's successful proposal The influence of plant functional types on ecosystem responses to altered rainfall, to the Ecosystem Studies Program.

Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (BIO/IOS)

  • DMP Example Nitz.pdf From Douglas Nitz's successful proposal, CAREER: Parietal Cortex and the Transformation of Spatial Cognition into Action, to the Activation Program in the Neural Systems Cluster.
  • DMP Example Laurie Smith.pdf From Laurie Smith's successful proposal, Polarization of Plant Cell Division by Receptor-Like Proteins, to the Plant Genome Research Program.

Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE)

Division of Computing and Communication Foundations (CISE/CCF)

  • DMP Example Cosman.pdf From Pamela Cosman's successful proposal, CIF: Medium: Mobile multiview video: compression, rendering, and transmission, to the Communications and Information Foundations Program.

Directorate for Education & Human Resources (EHR)

Division of Graduate Education (EHR/DGE)

  • DMP Example Michael Kalichman.doc From Michael Kalichman's successful proposal, Integrating Ethics Education: Capacity-Building Workshops for Science and Engineering Faculty, to the Ethics Education in Science and Engineering Program.

Directorate for Engineering (ENG)

Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (ENG/CBET)

  • DMP Example Shah.pdf From Sameer Shah's successful proposal, Supply and Demand of Proteins During Neuronal Growth and Extension, to the Biomedical Engineering Program.

Division of Civil Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (ENG/CMMI)

  • DMP Example John Fontanesi SOM.doc From Professor John Fontanesi's proposal to the Service Enterprise Systems (SES) program in the Systems Engineering and Design (SED) Cluster in the Civil Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI) Division. The proposed research is to determine the utility of a hybrid agent-based, discrete event simulation and analysis, to understand and improve hospital functions.

Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ENG/ECCS)

  • DMP Example ECE.pdf From a proposal to conduct research on signal processing techniques for photonic systems.
  • DMP Example Xiang,J.doc From Professor Jie Xiang's proposal to conduct research on nanoelectronics.

Directorate for Geosciences (GEO)

Division of Ocean Sciences (GEO/OCE) Physical Oceanography (GEO/PO)

  • DMP Example Pinkel.pdf From Rob Pinkel's successful proposal, Collaborative Research: Tasmanian Tidal Dissipation Experiment (T-TIDE), to the Physical Oceanography Program.
  • DMP Example SIO-BO.doc From a proposal to the Biological Oceanography program in the Division of Ocean Sciences.
  • DMP Example SIO-PO.doc From a proposal to the Physical Oceanography Program in the Division of Ocean Sciences to conduct research on the flux of carbon dioxide generated by breaking waves across the ocean/atmosphere boundary layer.
  • DMP Example SIO OCE.pdf From a proposal to NSF's Division of Ocean Sciences for research on marine aerosol particle chemistry.
  • DMP Example Jennifer MacKinnon.pdf From Professor Jennifer MacKinnon's proposal to the NSF OCE program in physical oceanography. The proposed work involves studying currents and turbulent mixing in the deep ocean using a variety of specialized oceanographic instruments and involving co-PIs from six different institutions.

Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS)

Division of Mathematical Sciences (MPS/DMS)

  • DMP Example Rogalski.pdf From Daniel Rogalski's successful proposal, Noncommutative surfaces and Calabi-Yau algebras, to the Algebra and Number Theory Program.

Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences (SBE)

Division of Social and Economic Sciences (SBE/SES)

  • DMP Example Ayelet Gneezy.pdf From Ayelet Gneezy's successful proposal Social Pricing - Image Management, Social Preferences and Pay-What-You-Want, to the Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program.
  • DMP Example Wixted.pdf From John Wixted's successful proposal, Signal Detection Theory and Eyewitness Memory, to the Law and Social Sciences Program.

Crosscutting – Multiple Directorates and Offices

  • DMP Example Psych.doc From a proposal to the crosscutting NSF/NIH program, Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS): Innovative Approaches to Science and Engineering Research on Brain Function, for experimental psychology research.
  • DMP Example anon.doc From a proposal to the crosscutting NSF/NIH program, Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS): Innovative Approaches to Science and Engineering Research on Brain Function.