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Services to UC San Diego Extension

The following page describes borrowing privileges and eligibility for other library services for UCSD Extension students and Concurrently-enrolled Extension students.

  • Extension students are those currently enrolled in at least one course through UC San Diego Extension, but who are not enrolled in any regular UC San Diego courses.
  • Concurrently-enrolled students are those who are not regular UCSD students, but are taking regular UCSD courses for credit as a non-matriculated student and paying per-unit fees through UCSD's Extension. Concurrent students earn full academic credit and participate in courses as regular UCSD students, subject to the same conditions, requirements, and standards.


  • The library's general policy states that CONCURRENT students receive standard UCSD student-level borrowing privileges and access to other library services and privileges during the time that they are concurrently-enrolled.
  • Alternately, EXTENSION students are permitted to purchase borrowing privileges on a quarterly basis, and otherwise receive services at the level of support provided to the public

Library Services

Library Service Extension Students Concurrently Enrolled Extension Students
Borrowing Privileges Purchase Library card - $15/3 months Eligible at no cost with proof of enrollment
Course Reserves No Yes
Database Access & Online Resources Licensed resources at library computers only Licensed resources at library and ETS-managed computers
Geisel Overnight Study Commons No Yes, with valid UC San Diego ID card
Interlibrary Loan No Yes

Library Computers

Public InfoStations, ETS Productivity workstations in West Commons via mediated login Public InfoStations and ETS Productivity workstations if provisioned with AX account provided by ETS
Off-Campus Access No Yes, if provisioned with AX account provided by ETS
Research Assistance
Including Data/GIS Services
Eligible for limited help via Ask A Librarian chat and in person Eligible for all Ask A Librarian Services
Reserving Study Space/ Rooms Not eligible Not eligible
Tech Lending Program No Yes