LAUC-SD Executive Board

Meeting Schedule, 2017-2018

Executive Board meets the third Monday of the month from 10am-11am in the Redwood Conference Room.

  • TBD 

LAUC-SD Leadership, 2017-2018

Chair Peter Rolla     
Vice-Chair      Adele Barsh     
Secretary/Treasurer      Tamara Rhodes     
Member-at-Large TDB
Delegate Stefan Elnabli
Immediate Past Chair Cristela Garcia-Spitz
CAPA Chair Kelly Smith

Committee Chairs

Committee on Appointment, Promotion, & Advancement (CAPA) Chair Kelly Smith, 2017-2019
Mentoring Committee Chair Suhui Ho, 2017-2019
Research & Professional Development (R&PD) Committee Chair Laurel McPhee, 2017-2019
Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee Liaison Lia Friedman, 2017-2018


UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee Representative Allegra Swift, 2017-2019
Statewide Diversity Committee Representative Stefan Elnabli, 2018
Statewide Professional Governance Representative Sam Dunlap, 2017-2019
Statewide R&PD Representative Penny Coppernoll-Blach, 2017-2019


LAUC-SD Webmaster Reid Otsuji, 2017-2019

*For past LAUC-SD Executive Board membership, visit Executive Board & Committee Rosters.