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Collections & Off-Site Storage Policy

One of the key strategic commitments of the UC San Diego Library is to provide space for a variety of study, research, and cultural opportunities. More than ever, Library space is at a premium. Given that the print collection grows by approximately 50,000 volumes every year, ensuring the optimal use of Library space entails identifying and carefully monitoring which of the print volumes and other collections are best housed on campus.

Our first priority is to provide immediate access to those materials that are needed to support current academic programs. The factors considered in deciding which materials to retain on campus include use, circulation, and whether the item is available online. The Library has acquired a substantial number of resources in online formats that duplicate holdings in the print collections. By transferring duplicate and low-use print materials off site, we are best able to accomodate the diverse needs of our users.

Storage Facilities

The UC San Diego Library is fortunate to have two off-site storage facilities: the Trade Street Storage Annex and the UC Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF). These facilities offer quick and reliable on-campus delivery of requested items while freeing valuable space by providing off-campus housing for research-level materials, which have circulated infrequently, if at all, in recent years.

The Trade Street Storage Annex is located off Miramar Road in a UC San Diego-leased building. A large, two-level facility, the annex has the capacity for approximately 550,000 volumes. It is primarily used for short-term storage of materials that are part of the on-campus collection. Items housed in the annex include additional copies of popular instructional support materials, large gifts, other large acquisitions pending processing and review, and collections temporarily displaced due to building renovations.

The Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF), located in Los Angeles, is a high-density, climate-controlled storage facility designed to preserve UC collections for future researchers and scholars. The SRLF is one of two regional storage facilities maintained by the University of California to support persistent retention activities across the UC campuses and to enable UC libraries to coordinate collections and share print materials. Along with libraries from the other southern UC campuses, the UC San Diego Library routinely transfers materials for which current or anticipated demand is relatively low to the SRLF. Each UC library has an annual SRLF deposit allocation, which is adjusted yearly to accommodate the anticipated number of volumes to be transferred. When a low-use item slated for off-campus storage is determined to be on deposit at the SRLF, it is not eligible for transfer. In this case, the volume is withdrawn from the UC San Diego Library collection.

Circulating materials in the annex and the SRLF are included in the Roger catalog. When requested, these off-site materials are delivered quickly and reliably to the Library location selected by the user. Journal articles requested from the SRLF are generally delivered electronically.

Please contact Dave Schmitt, Interim Director of the Collection Development and Management Program, with any questions or comments about this policy.