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UC San Diego Library Food and Drink Policy

The UC San Diego Library seeks to provide all users with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment promoting intellectual exploration and learning. The Library's Food and Drink Policy seeks to balance the comfort and convenience of Library users with the need to protect and preserve Library materials, equipment, and facilities.

The Library reserves the right to ask anyone to relocate, remove, or dispose of food and drinks in the case of complaints or if found to be in violation of this Policy.

No Food or Drink

  • Special Collections & Archives
  • Digital Media Lab (Geisel 2 East)
  • In book or journal stacks

No Food

  • Geisel 8th Floor
  • Data & GIS Lab (Geisel 2 West)
  • Library Classrooms
  • Near computers and other equipment

Food and covered drinks are permitted elsewhere in Library buildings within the following guidelines:

  • More restrictive policies in specific areas are followed.
  • Users clean up after themselves. Large spills are reported immediately to Library staff.
  • Aromatic, messy, or noisy food is not permitted where it interferes with others' use of the Library.
  • Excessive quantities of food or drink and large group meals are not permitted.
  • Delivery of food or drink to Library buildings or distribution of food or drink within Library buildings is not permitted without advance authorization by Library Administration.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted with the exception of legal-aged guests at authorized Library events where alcohol is served.
  • Cooking, cooking appliances, and open flames are not permitted in Library public spaces.

Failure to cooperate with Library employee requests regarding food and drink or to comply with posted policies constitutes a violation of the UC San Diego Library Use & Conduct Policy.

Revised and approved September 2018