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Little by little, more farmworker movement history is being made available online, and thankfully, the Documentation Project is capable of capturing it and storing it in ONE place for use by academics, students and the interested public. (These will be stored in the COMMENTARY section of the Website).

I have provided the LINK to these video clips AND organized the titles in chronological order for the sake of historical “good order”.

As YOU come across MORE online farmworker movement historical materials, please send them forward I will post them to the Website.

Online News Video Clips: Cesar Chavez


 Diva (Digital Information Virtual Archive) / San Francisco State University

1966 Dolores Huerta & Cesar Chavez in Sacramento (March to Sacramento)

1966 Huerta & Chavez in Sacramento Part II (March to Sacramento)

1970 Cesar Chavez Speech In San Rafael

1970 Cesar Chavez On Planning For Salinas Boycott

1970 Chavez Pledges Boycott Will Continue

1970 Chavez Vigil Outside Salinas Jail

1970 Chavez Released From Salinas Jail

1972  Chavez Explains The Need For Boycotts

1972  Cesar Chavez Special KQED

1973  United Farm Workers Boycott Safeway

1973  United Farm Workers Wait For Election Results

1974  Chavez Press Conference On Break-Ins

1974  Chavez On Repressive Strike Breaking Measures

1975  UFW Rally & Chavez Press Conference

1975  United Farm Workers Picket In Fields

1976  Chavez On Covert Operations Against UFW

1976  Chavez Speech On Proposition 14

1977  Teamsters & UFW Unions Sign Agreement

1979  UFW Demonstration Against Chiquita Bananas

1993  Cesar Chavez Funeral/Memorial March

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Primary source accounts: photographs, oral histories, videos, essays and historical documents from the United Farm Worker Delano Grape Strikers and the UFW Volunteers who worked with Cesar Chavez to build his farmworker movement.

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