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A Documentary Film by Marta Sanchez and Mario Zavaleta (Latino Northwest Communications) 2009

“STUDENTS OF CHANGE: LOS DEL ’68 (Documentary Film)

Filmmakers Marta Sanchez and Mario Zavaleta (Latino Northwest Communications) have created a documentary film entitled: “Students of Change: Los Del ’68”. 

View Documentary Film: “Students of Change: Los Del ’68”

Background: In 1965, El Teatro Campesino, a farm worker’s theater group, performs in Sunnyside, bringing news about the strike in Delano and carrying a message of worker empowerment.

In the fall  of 1968 a group of Mexican American youth left the rural Yakima Valley and entered the University of Washington amidst a time of great transformation.  These students would not only experience great change…they would be it!

LeRoy Chatfield review:

I just finished viewing Los del ’68 – you guys did a wonderful job, I am so impressed !! 
You told a simple (but important) story in a personal and heartfelt manner, the pace was excellent – not rushed, did not lag, you explained the background and the context of your story, the photos were great and the music appropriate, and your presentation was real, not too arty. The camera work was good, and if you can understand and appreciate this word: “warm” – as in friendly.
Truly, an excellent and easy to understand presentation of all the issues – mexican immigrant, farm labor, living conditions, farmworker movement, educational opportunities, student activism, discrimination, social justice . . . etc.
Thank you for sending me a copy. I feel privileged the Farmworker Movement Documentation Project played a very small part in its production. 
 P.S. It seems to me this film should be a big plus for grade school teachers and counselors trying to promote the need for college education.”

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